Part 2-Using Keywords in the Body

Written by Janet L. Hall

Part 2-Using Keywords inrepparttar Body: Put Them Here, Put Them There, Put Them Everywhere! By: Janet L. Hall

PLEASE NOTE: All HTML code in this article is placed inside ( ). I've done this because some people receive their email as HTML and they might have problems receiving or viewing withoutrepparttar 128044 ( ). You WILL NOT put YOUR code in ( ).

Image TAGS are a great place to “plug” in some of your keywords but be careful not to use too many images on your pages. Why? Too many images can slowrepparttar 128045 loading process of your page to appear. Your visitors don’t want to wait, and WON’T, if you have packed too many images onto a page. They will move onto your competitors, getting what they came looking for, information, and NOT images.

I use FrontPage to create my pages on my web site; however, FrontPage DOESN’T automatically include allrepparttar 128046 information you should have in your Image TAGS that will aid in a quicker loading time. Nor does it place YOUR keywords in your Image TAGS. You have to takerepparttar 128047 extra steps to insert them.

Let’s look at what a basic Image TAG looks like behindrepparttar 128048 scenes in HTML:


NOTE: .imagetype isrepparttar 128049 format, such as .jpg, .gif, or .tif that repparttar 128050 image was saved as. These arerepparttar 128051 abbreviations for compression formats for graphics that help makerepparttar 128052 small file size. .jpg is good to use for photos or graphics without text, and a .gif is wonderful to use for a tape or book cover that has text, such asrepparttar 128053 title, that you want your visitors to be able to read.

Your images are placed in a folder or directory in FrontPage, usually called Images; although I renamed mine PICS. You should also name your folder or directory on your web hostrepparttar 128054 SAME. This consistent naming of folders will help save a lot of time and hassles.

So now I have another element in my code. It looks like this:


Continuing From Last Time: 5. Naming your Images: Search engines could care less what you name your images, they can't read them. 6. BUT they can read an ALT TAG, a place where you can insert a description for that image or your keywords. This will also allow visitors that have images turned off, to read whatrepparttar 128055 image is that they can’t see whenrepparttar 128056 page is loading. Go to and place your mouse pointer overrepparttar 128057 image of me. A small yellow box will appear with text. This is what I typed into my ALT TAG for that image.

SEO Portal or Free SEO? You Decide.

Written by Kevin Gee

Our company JUMP Internet Marketing has been providing search engine optimization and marketing services since 1995. During this time we have been approached with some very inventive ideas. The latest proposals are from companies wanting to partner with us to create so called "SEO Portals."

These companies have explained that our company would createrepparttar portal, optimize and market it. After doing so they would providerepparttar 128043 clients/content forrepparttar 128044 portal. The company would charge clients to be placed onto one of these high-ranking portals and in return pass a fee along to our company.

At first glance, this doesn't sound like a bad idea. However, I cannot help but wonder how much ofrepparttar 128045 content/clients would be affiliate links ofrepparttar 128046 company and useless Spam? Ethically these so called portals are starting to sound like an optimized "link farm" or "FFA" page.

Furthermore, based upon industry research and analysis we are aware at how muchrepparttar 128047 search engines do not like sites that consist of nothing more than useless Spam and affiliate links.

Proper search engine optimization and marketing takes hours of research and hard work if it is to be done correctly. Let's face it folks our reputations are at stake here. Do we really want our company name associated with a portal that could possibly be banned byrepparttar 128048 search engines?

It is of my opinion that these companies are sugar coating an effort to spamrepparttar 128049 engines and use SEO companies to do it. Think about this for one second, how quickly would a porn site jump atrepparttar 128050 opportunity of free SEO? The answer? Well, you knowrepparttar 128051 answer.

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