Part 2: 5 More Pay Per Click Tips

Written by Richard Baker

Pay Per Click tips will help you target specific audiences, reaching over 85% of all Internet users in a cost effective and immediate way.

Overrepparttar last 3 years we have seen a growth inrepparttar 128335 Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Engine model. This was initially fashioned by Overture, but has quickly been followed by a whole host of Pay Per Clicks.

The concept is extremely simple. You bid on words that surfers who would be interested in your website's content would use to search on. For example, if your website was about may bid onrepparttar 128336 words "garden care" or "lawn care" etc. When someone searches onrepparttar 128337 words "garden care",repparttar 128338 search results are returned inrepparttar 128339 order ofrepparttar 128340 bids placed; so a website with a 60 cents bid would rank higher than one for 55 cents and so on.

Obviously, you will want to make sensible bids that your business can sustain. The best way to know what is affordable is to look at your website stats of visitors against your sales. If your profit last month was $1,000 and you had 400 unique visitors your profit per visitor (PPV) would be $2.50. If you had 20000 unique visitors your PPV would drop to $0.50. This is a rule of thumb as not all visitors are equal - some visitors are more qualified than others and visitors from PPC Search Engines are oftenrepparttar 128341 most qualified around. these Pay Per Click tips will help you.

PPC Search Engines arerepparttar 128342 best valuable advertising currently available. If you write a good website and expert title and descriptions with your listings, qualifying your visitors is a relatively direct task. How can you makerepparttar 128343 most of PPC search engines...great question and here are 5 more excellent tips!

1. Watch for Bidding Gaps What'srepparttar 128344 point in bidding 25 cents for position 1 when 12 cents will do? Not a lot isrepparttar 128345 answer, but I see it every day. In factrepparttar 128346 worse gap I saw was $11 when $1.03 would do. Make surerepparttar 128347 bid you make is sensible by closing bidding gaps. You can save a considerable amount of money by closing those bidding gaps. In fact this can save (or stretch) your budget by up to 70%.

2. Premium easy as 1,2,3 PPC Search Engines often engage in alliances with "free" search engines so results are displayed across a "family" of search engines. As of writing this, Overture had numerous alliances, including with Alta Vista, Ask and Yahoo!. The catch is you need to show up inrepparttar 128348 top 3 on Overture to be displayed on other search engines. You only pay for clicks directly withrepparttar 128349 Pay Per Clicks you go with, so allrepparttar 128350 other clicks from Yahoo! or Alta Vista etc. are free. Consider it a bonus.

The (Not So) Shocking Truth About Getting A High Search Engine Ranking

Written by Elizabeth Piotrowski

I have seen my site hit #3 at Google, and some of my fellow entrepreneurs are wondering how I did it. Well, it's no big secret, and it won't cost you anything but your time. Here's what I did:

1. I searched online for information aboutrepparttar title and description tags to get a better idea of what they should say. is a great site for this kind of information. It's all about search engine positioning, and it's free to sign up. However, your account only stays active for 4 weeks, after whichrepparttar 128334 webmaster asks that you donate money to his site to keep your account active.

2. I used Overture's free keyword tool at Just enter keywords that are relevant to your site, and Overture will generaterepparttar 128335 most popular search terms that people are using. I pickedrepparttar 128336 most popular terms (making sure they were relevant), and made a list of keywords for each page of my site in Notepad.

2. Next, I visited This handy tool will check your meta tags and tell you if there are too many characters in your title, keyword and description. The above site is just one of many meta tag analyzers available onrepparttar 128337 net, so beware - every analyzer says something different when it comes to how many characters your meta tags should have. My advice? Pick one and stick with it, at least for a while. Otherwise, you will just get frustrated.

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