Part 1 of "5 Simple Steps to an Internet Cashflow series ...

Written by Brian Winters

------------------------------------------------------------ Part 1 of "5 Simple Steps to an Internet Cashflow series ... ----------------------------------------

There are obviously many ways to make money online, some simple, some quite complicated...

If you're relatively new to Internet marketing, this 5 part course is particularly suited for you...

It details one ofrepparttar *most* simple, yet most effective formulas for making money online that you'll find.

Trust me, if this course can work for my dad, a retired food scientist, and my brother, currently a stock analyst for a big name brokerage firm (both of whom know next to nothing about online marketing), it can work for you if you simply put it to use.

...So with that, let's get started!

Affiliate programs, most of which are free to join, can be an excellent way to make money online...But they, like anything else, require use ofrepparttar 117078 proper tools and resources if you're to expect any kind of significant success.

That'srepparttar 117079 thing...Waaay to many people hope or even expect to make money online without ANY type of investment.

I can tell you right now, if that is what you're expecting, you might as well call it quits before you even get started. (I'm only being honest!)

What you should expect is a modest investment of your time and (ideally) money. Though you CAN succeed without investing a dime, it will likely take you significantly longer than if you're willing to set aside a small budget specifically for online advertising.

Now,repparttar 117080 first step in our 5 part formula is to find one (or more) good affiliate programs to join.

(As an affiliate, your job is simply to send visitors torepparttar 117081 web-site hostingrepparttar 117082 affiliate program. For each visitor you send who then decides to order, you are paid a commission.)

Affiliate programs are attractive for beginners in particular because you don't have to worry about processing payments, delivering products, etc. And again, most affiliate programs cost absolutely nothing to participate in.

...Indeed, these are advantages for most ANY person looking to make money online (beginner or otherwise).

However! ...In order to make significant amounts of money through affiliate programs, you'll still needrepparttar 117083 proper tools and resources - but we'll cover those later.

Right now it's time to choose your first affiliate program!

You can find various affiliate program directories (where you can browse through various affiliate programs) by doing a search for "affiliate program directory", "associate program directory", etc., at

Here's a good directory to start with:

Now, when choosing affiliate programs, here are 10 keys to look for:

1. Ideally, choose an affiliate program that promotes products or services you enjoy!

2. Choose a program that offers high commissions, preferably 30% or higher.


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