Parrot Rescue

Written by Rodney Foster

I would like to use this article to encourage people onrepparttar importance of researching allrepparttar 109385 information they can get to include reading, visiting zooís, and even try and find someone that has a Exotic pet they are thinking of getting. Inrepparttar 109386 last few years exotic pets have been taking a rise in popularity, But atrepparttar 109387 same time exotic pet deaths and abuse are high also because exotic animals do not do well in our daily life style and forrepparttar 109388 lack of people being informed of what they are getting into before buying a exotic pet. People tend to buy these animalís on a whim and after they spend from hundred to thousands of dollars to get them home thinking they will be like there dog or cat and are suddenly exposed to a sudden shock thatrepparttar 109389 pet they just bought is not what they thought it was or would be or that it dose not interrelate with them as they thought it would because they saw it on television interrelating with people.. People do not realize or do not understandrepparttar 109390 many many hours of work it takes to get some exotic pets to interact with humanís. Then it comes torepparttar 109391 point of what happens to you when your pet getís mad and bites you. I know I have been bitten from iguanaís, parrotís, dogs and cats. None of these are pleasant when it happenís, People do not think that some times they have are a bad day or they just do not want to be messed with, In our home inrepparttar 109392 evening time our Blue and Gold McCaw will start to bite you when he is tired, We have a Umbrella Cockatoo that will holler loud when he is tired before his regular bedtime. Every animal has itís own personality and we have to learn each one we have.

How To Improve Your Memory By Up To 10 Times With Memory Techniques

Written by Ron Pioneer

I'm writing this article to inform you about memory techniques. When applied correctly they are so powerful that can improve your memory many times. Don't worry, they have nothing to do with your mind - they are just tricks how to better remember information.

Memory techniques are very simple. The best part - they can be applied in just minutes. Memory techniques go deep inrepparttar history - even ancient people used them. They were especially used by ancient orators to remember long speeches.

Think about it. How could someone remember a two hour long speech without memory techniques? I couldn't and I think you couldn't either. But with memory techniques everybody can do that. Doesn't matter how bad you think your memory is - you CAN remember a two hours long speech with memory techniques.

You probably have watched memory experts on TV performing mind blowing memory stunts like memorizing phone numbers or names of 400 people audience. You can do that, too - when using memory techniques. Actually it's very doable.

Memory techniques can improve your life in many ways. You can remember more with them, cut your learning time and never forget things you need to remember. You can also impress your friends with your excellent memory and get a raise in salary at your workplace. There are many ways in life how memory techniques can be applied.

In this article I'm going to give you some hints how to use memory techniques to make things easier to remember. I will only explain each thing in one sentence just to give you general idea. I won't explain each memory trick in detail because there isn't so much space in this article. When you use memory techniques you completely eliminate rote memory. No rote memory is needed - only imagination. The best part - remembering things with memory techniques is interesting and you have extra motivation to do so.

Remembering shopping lists or long list of items with memory techniques is a breeze. What you need to do is associate each item withrepparttar 109384 next one inrepparttar 109385 list. You need to associaterepparttar 109386 two items in some unusual way that stays in your mind.

Remembering numbers: with memory techniques you can remember long digit numbers in minutes. The trick is to convert numbers into words. There is a special phonetic alphabet with 10 sounds - one for each number. No number is too hard to remember when you apply this technique.

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