Parents of Teen Drivers

Written by Melih Oztalay

So, what does a parent think while sitting inrepparttar passenger seat and their teen is driving with a permit license? A “bump” inrepparttar 102715 parking lot with another car? Traffic tickets for moving violations? Insurance rates sky-rocketing?

If you visit search engines you can find several resources to assist you on this subject. Try searching onrepparttar 102716 phrase “parents with teen drivers”. Alternatively we have tried to make this easy for you if you visit our news page on this very topic.

A few resources onrepparttar 102717 web for parents are:

Parent-Teen Contract You might also consider using a driving safety contract between you and your teen. This is an agreement that your child signs, in which he agrees to be a safe driver by following all restrictions you have imposed or risk losing his driving privileges. An example of this can be found at:

Talk It Out Work with your teen driver to talk through their thought process while driving. Let’s not over-do this torepparttar 102718 point that they cannot concentrate on driving. More specifics can be found inrepparttar 102719 book for parents at:

Car Buying Scams

Written by Tim Gorman

Purchasing a new automobile is hard enough without having to deal withrepparttar sales pressure from a car salesman. It’s no big secret that almost every car dealership can be talked down onrepparttar 102714 initial price they want for a car. The key is to know what scams to watch out for in order to maximize your hard earned dollar. This article details a few sales tactics that you may want to be onrepparttar 102715 lookout forrepparttar 102716 next time you purchase a new automobile.

The first money wasting scam deals with etchingrepparttar 102717 vehicle’s VIN# onrepparttar 102718 window. In some cases a dealership will try to make you pay for this added feature. Please don’t fall for this trick. No lender will require you to pay for any extra options that you don’t require. To be honest all they really care about is whether or not your payments are on time.

Be onrepparttar 102719 look out forrepparttar 102720 phrase “subject to loan approval”. Almost every car loan will have this phrase in it and trust me when I say that some dealerships will try and exploit you out of more money using this phrase asrepparttar 102721 reason why. This scam is usually pulled on consumers that may have bad credit so if your credit score is good you shouldn’t have to worry about being taken advantage of byrepparttar 102722 dealership. The bad news is for those that are taken advantage of it usually means upwards of $1000 more in finance fees and an additional $50 a month added to your car payment. One way to avoid this scam is to financerepparttar 102723 car through your own bank or credit union.

The most abused scam isrepparttar 102724 credit score scam. This is whererepparttar 102725 car dealership tells you that your credit score is lower then what it actually is in order to charge you a higher finance rate on your car loan. No one is immune to this scam becauserepparttar 102726 dealership doesn’t care if you have good or bad credit when they attempt to con you. The best way to deal with this greediness is to bring a copy of your credit score with you when you go looking to buy a new car. That way there is no confusion as to what your credit score truly is.

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