Parents' Complaints --- Arrogant Public Schools Turn A Deaf Ear

Written by Joel Turtel

School authorities continually claim that they want more parent cooperation and participation in their childrenís education. They complain when parents donít show up for parent-teacher conferences or push their children to do their homework.

Yet this constant cry for parent cooperation is often a smoke screen pretense to make parents think they have some control over their childrenís education. In most cases, parents have no such control. Teachers and principals may placate parents or ask for their cooperation, but they rarely makerepparttar important changes parents ask for.

For example, most parents want their children to learn to do basic arithmetic without using calculators as a crutch. A poll by Public Agenda found that 86 percent of parents want students to learn arithmetic by hand before they use calculators. However,repparttar 145925 math-teaching policy for most public schools today is that all children beginning in kindergarten have access to calculators at all times to do math problems.

Most school districts make important teaching-method or curriculum decisions in secret, without parentsí knowledge or approval. A parentís only recourse is to complain to principals or school authorities after these authorities have dictated their curriculum or teaching methods, andrepparttar 145926 parent seesrepparttar 145927 damage to their children. Unfortunately, such complaints are often futile.

Most parents donít realize that school authorities donít want their opinion. Too often, school authorities ignore parents' suggestions or complaints because they truly believe they arerepparttar 145928 experts and parents are just annoying amateurs. As a result, some teachers, principals, or administrators feel insulted when parents make suggestions or complaints. Many school officials believe parents should not have any real input in their childrenís education. That is one reason why school authorities hold their committee meetings in secret.

Throw a Swamp Party with Shrek Party Supplies

Written by John Lenaghan

Throw a Swamp Party with Shrek Party Supplies

When planning your Shrek party, do you know how many great Shrek party supplies are available? A complete party package includes Shrek napkins, plates, banners, invitations, cups, balloons, crepe paper streamers, party tablecloth and even candles. Carrying out birthday party themes for kidsí just couldnít be easier or more fun. Once you get your party supplies, youíll most likely findrepparttar ideas for a great Shrek party will start flowing!

Here are some childrenís birthday party ideas to get you going. Using one or more of these ideas will add Shrek fun to that special birthday party. A donkey piŮata is a great idea to getrepparttar 145883 party started. Pin-the-tail-on-the donkey game is most appropriate for a kidsí party or for Shrek fans of any age. A childís party built on Shrek can let everyone be an ogre forrepparttar 145884 day with green face paint. Hint: Buy specially made paints that wash off easily whenrepparttar 145885 party is over.

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