Parapsychology: Harnessing Your Etheric Energy

Written by Jim D. Ray

By Jim D. Ray

It is an unfortunate reality that society has inadvertently categorizedrepparttar natural abilities associated with bio-etheric energy as a form of entertainment.

Classifying skills such as precognitive event recognition alongside attractions like stage illusion have underminedrepparttar 142983 acknowledgement of etheric energy itself, impedingrepparttar 142984 acceptance of a wide spectrum of very natural, very real capabilities.

Why, then, are etheric-related abilities seemingly so rare? The answer is multidimensional.

Identifying Your Etheric Energy

All human beings haverepparttar 142985 ability to recognize, embrace, and utilize their bio-etheric energy, orrepparttar 142986 energy produced and emitted by all living organisms. Once harnessed, bio-etheric energy can allow a being to:

* Gain a broader, deeper perception of physical and/or emotional surroundings * Achieve greater use ofrepparttar 142987 brain’s traditional and extra-sensory functions * Increase knowledge absorption by participating in conscious bio-etheric energy exchange * Attain a working knowledge of etheric-related capabilities such as precognitive event recognition

The easiest analogy to recognizing etheric energy is that of electricity. Had mankind never harnessedrepparttar 142988 natural phenomena of electrical current, entire civilizations would have evolved inrepparttar 142989 absence of telephones, computers, televisions, and an array of other technologies that now seem second nature in our daily lives.

Though a closely integrated element of both individual and collective existence, bio-etheric energy and its uses have only begun to be identified and embraced by society. As we seek to become fully acquainted with this energy type, a new, yet common understanding of etheric energy and its properties has presented itself:repparttar 142990 energy exists, andrepparttar 142991 ultimate question is how to make complete use of it.

Harnessingrepparttar 142992 Intangible

In seeking to gain a working comprehension of bio-etheric energy, one must be willing to adapt a new dimension of faith, both in self and inrepparttar 142993 Universe. Faith is a plain transition betweenrepparttar 142994 physical, andrepparttar 142995 etheric;repparttar 142996 tangible, and intangible. In bridgingrepparttar 142997 gap between science andrepparttar 142998 unexplained, faith allows for confident progression into new endeavors to gain additional understanding ofrepparttar 142999 mind and body.

Because masteringrepparttar 143000 properties of bio-etheric energy includesrepparttar 143001 development of abilities or metaphysical advantages often regarded by society as paranormal, spontaneous occurrences of precognitive event recognition, remote viewing, telepathy, or other etheric-related abilities are commonly dismissed as subconscious “noise.” This misnomer can be attributed torepparttar 143002 school of psychology, whereasrepparttar 143003 science of bio-etheric energy and its related properties are based inrepparttar 143004 field of physics.

From a physics perspective, bio-etheric energy can participate inrepparttar 143005 transfer or exchange of particle energy with other bio-etheric bearing life forms through an exchange of nanophotons, or energy particles smaller than that of ordinary photons.

In theory, nanophotons haverepparttar 143006 capacity to pass through solid matter and travel at speeds significantly greater thanrepparttar 143007 speed of light, and are capable of transportation between predefined destinations throughrepparttar 143008 fabric of space-time. The smallest building blocks of existence, nanophotons allow forrepparttar 143009 exchange of “information” between beings capable of utilizingrepparttar 143010 neural receptors responsible for decoding bio-etheric energy.

Brain Training

Harnessing bio-etheric energy and related abilities requires a focused effort to flex and exerciserepparttar 143011 frontal lobes, orrepparttar 143012 region ofrepparttar 143013 brain associated with bio-etheric activity and interpretation. This “training” is similar torepparttar 143014 efforts necessary to acquire control over equilibrium and motor functions when learning to walk. Later in life, frontal lobe development is analogous to learning to write withrepparttar 143015 opposite hand. Although a challenging task requiring determined effort, exercisingrepparttar 143016 frontal lobes is necessary to stimulaterepparttar 143017 neural receptors responsible for interpreting bio-etheric energy.

A Bird's Eye View of THE ENCHANTED SELF and what it means to YOU!

Written by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

The Rebbe Nachman of Breslow often said, “Always remember-Joy is not merely incidental to your spiritual quest. It is vital.” Asrepparttar years have gone by and I’ve been inrepparttar 142637 practice of psychology over 20 years, I have become more and more convinced that he was so right, that joy is not an option. When we take away joy and we take away a sense of well-being, a sense that we are thriving, we allow ourselves or seem to find ourselves in circumstances that seem to drain, tire and weaken us. We are no longerrepparttar 142638 whole human being that is our birthright! THE ENCHANTED SELF is a positive psychology approach to mental health that works both inrepparttar 142639 treatment room and out. I teach peoplerepparttar 142640 techniques they need to start to think in positive ways about themselves and their world. Thus I teach them how to see what is right about themselves, rather than what is wrong. I also teach them to appreciate their own life story, its ups and downs;repparttar 142641 roller coaster ride that we all go on. I teach how to value our potential even if in childhood we were put down or criticized, as so many of us are. I haverepparttar 142642 belief and I teachrepparttar 142643 belief that inside of each of us we know when we are on track and we know when we are living a wholesome life that fits withrepparttar 142644 integrity of our particular spirit. I call this sense of well-being ”The Enchanted Self” and I teach people how to find their "Enchanted Selves" again and again-how to recognize and celebraterepparttar 142645 states of well-being that signify they are in touch withrepparttar 142646 best of themselves. I stressrepparttar 142647 positive benefit of recalling memories about one's life in a fashion that permits us to discover and rediscover our own talents and resources. I also emphasize how to find in our pastrepparttar 142648 kernals of pleasure, and reservoirs of strength, that we can come home to again and again, even if we need to reshape these facets of ourselves to suite new circumstances Basically, this learning involves listening to yourself, and reviewing your own past to see what worked for you, what really gave you pleasure. What aspects of yourself and your life can you identify as necessary to experience a state of well-being? What do you need to feel whole? For example, if you loved to playrepparttar 142649 piano as a child, then you may not really enjoy watching football games as an adult. You may much more enjoy listening to classical music. However, in order to live a full life, you may also enjoy football games because your son loves them or your husband loves them. Thus there is also an accommodation to someone you care about and a resulting interest develops. I think you can begin to see that what is going to work for each person is so unique to that individual! It involves a review of our history, and it involves analyzingrepparttar 142650 circumstances currently in our lives. If we have a handicap we may not be able to become a ballerina. Even if we have severe arthritis, we may not be able to become a ballerina at forty. However,repparttar 142651 love of dance since childhood may easily be converted into wonderful yoga stretches that help arthritis and feel 'dancy'. So often, there is a creative turn inrepparttar 142652 road, thinking out ofrepparttar 142653 box, thatrepparttar 142654 Enchanted Self person develops. You find you have become an ENCHANTED SELF when you havethe courage to put together using your mind, heart, body and spirit new inventive ways of bringing pleasure and meaning into your life. The steps I teach people are rigorous but they are no harder then allrepparttar 142655 habits we learn that keep us in bad moods and keep us depressed. For example, if I teach someone how to review atrepparttar 142656 end ofrepparttar 142657 day everything that has gone right in their day, that it is no harder than listing what went wrong. In fact it soon becomes easier than listing everything that went wrong. The reason it becomes easier is that you don’t build up some ofrepparttar 142658 rage and some ofrepparttar 142659 anger that one can build up when we reviewrepparttar 142660 problems in our lives. Now we are encouraged rather than discouraged and even may end up sleeping better and feeling better leading to much less energy drain. I have foundrepparttar 142661 most effective way to teach people how to access their Enchanted Self, i.e. to find and hold onto feelings of joy, and a sense of well-being is to sharerepparttar 142662 Seven Gateways To Enchantment. It is a quick way to catch your Enchanted Self. So let’s explorerepparttar 142663 Gateways and then try an enchanted assignment! The first Gateway is The Gateway of Knowing Yourself In Positive Ways. That means getting to know your own talents and rediscovering your lost potential. This is a fun gateway and it really builds your self-esteem. You can pursue this Gateway, even while driving you car! For example, you can go over your life history, reviewing your strengths and talents. Start back in childhood-look for your strengths and talents, even if they were disregarded by your family, and maybe even yourself. Now, you haverepparttar 142664 maturity and wisdom to recognize these positive parts of yourself. Even play with looking for your lost dreams-what you thought you could do before someone or circumstances may have dashed those dreams! After you take some time withrepparttar 142665 First Gateway, you are ready forrepparttar 142666 Second Gateway. This isrepparttar 142667 one where you begin to fall in love with yourself! Atrepparttar 142668 heart level you begin to feel your specialness. This may take time, not to worry. After all our society does not bring us up to recognize what is special and wonderful about ourselves! Some of us get closer to this sense of positive self-love by mentally hugging ourselves asrepparttar 142669 child that we once were. Others practice by intentionally giving oneself a for real quick hug, even if no one else does, or looking inrepparttar 142670 mirror and saying to oneself, "I am special and my strengths are unique and perfectly suited for what I want and need to do in life! Another step in successfully passing throughrepparttar 142671 Second Gateway is acknowledging thatrepparttar 142672 story of your life is a fascinating fabric of adventures, episodes, happenings, and even mis-haps that have come together to make a most unique person and that is YOU! Once you can begin to see that your triumphs are to be honored and celebrated and that your defeats have within themrepparttar 142673 wisdom andrepparttar 142674 learning that takes you later in life to new heights you are well along onrepparttar 142675 road to Enchantment.

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