Paradise Design and Photography of Las Vegas

Written by Randy Wilson

Paradise Design and Photography is a family-owned business. Born in Maui, Hawaii, Joshua developed a love for photography while working in photo labs in his native country. As his expertise grew, he moved to Las Vegas and soon became one ofrepparttar sought-after Las Vegas photographers. Assisted by wife Jennifer and daughter Ruth,repparttar 143509 family have expanded their Las Vegas wedding photography business to include graphic design, publication preparation, digital photographic retouching, and catalog designs.

A member ofrepparttar 143510 Professional Photographers of America, this Las Vegas photographer can process head shots, family portraits, and wedding portfolios. While it is not difficult to find a Las Vegas wedding photographer, Paradise strives to be amongrepparttar 143511 areas best.

Prices begin withrepparttar 143512 tuberose package atrepparttar 143513 rate of $800 for up to a three-hour shoot and $400 in album credit. With digital filesrepparttar 143514 price slides up to $1,000. From four to nine hours,repparttar 143515 price increases from $1,200 to $2,300. After that, there is a $400 hourly rate. Customers also can buy a standard or a storybook album that holds from 30 to 60 pages. Prices start at $1,300 and can go to $3,900 or higher, depending onrepparttar 143516 number and size of shots that are selected for inclusion.

This Las Vegas wedding photographer also posts a supplemental wedding price list onrepparttar 143517 Website featuring typical individual picture prices or small packets ofrepparttar 143518 usual Las Vegas photography for weddings and other occasions. Here you can browse additional options for wedding pictures much like those offered by one or another photographer in Las Vegas. Prices include an 8x10 for $20 or two wallets for $10.

Moonlighting Photography of Las Vegas - Everything you need!

Written by Randy Wilson

Nicole Pursell takes pride in her role as one ofrepparttar Las Vegas photographers that maintains a growing list of satisfied customers.

Testimonials from happy customers comment onrepparttar 143508 professionalism exhibited by Las Vegas photographer Nicole and her partner, Summer, andrepparttar 143509 speed with whichrepparttar 143510 prints were processed. This Las Vegas wedding photographer knows how to do things right and offers a complete line of photography services, including intimate shots and last-minute adjustments. She can help you make decisions about lighting, setting, and arrangements to getrepparttar 143511 best outcomes for your wedding photography.

Las Vegas photography is a commercial enterprise in this area with many services to choose from, but Moonlighting knows how to personalize and customize your ceremony to make it last forever viarepparttar 143512 delightful images and prints that are captured on film. Any photographer in Las Vegas can take pictures, but only an artist can create beauty, and that is what Moonlighting does. Imagination is a specialty.

As might be imagined, prices vary widely. You can purchase individual 4x6 reprints for $3 each. Thank-you cards are $1 with a minimum order of 25. A 10-page scrapbook that holds 20 4x6s is $200. A 10x10 leather-bound coffee table album is $550, with a montage of images on 10 pages. A 12x16 clothbound costs $400, while medium albums holding between 10 and 20 pages and costing $400 to $600 holds 20 to 40 5x7s. The large album, with 10 8x10s and 40 5x7s, is $800. A custom made scrapbook is available for about $300.

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