Paradigm Shift from Teaching to Learning

Written by Lieutenant Colonel Anil Nigam

Paradigm Shift from Teaching to Learning

Teaching is one ofrepparttar oldest professions inrepparttar 141261 world. In good old daysrepparttar 141262 students who had desire to learn used to come to learn and usually were self motivated. Moreoverrepparttar 141263 going throughrepparttar 141264 process was comparatively easy as things and concepts were relatively easy. With changing socio-economic scenerepparttar 141265 whole process has undergone a tremendous change. In today’s society there are students who come just to earn a degree so as to have a respectable social status. Moreover due to advancement in various fields,repparttar 141266 concepts and applications have become quite complicated to understand and practice.

The teachers job under these environments has become more difficult wherein he has to ensure that learning takes place when he teaches for most ofrepparttar 141267 students who come from diverse backgrounds. The attitude that our task is to teach and they will learn only if they want to is a negative approach to my mind.

The Missing Links

What has largely been considered classroom teaching and learning process traditionally has got certain missing links to my mind. I consider following to berepparttar 141268 complete cycle of teaching learning process and I have tried to stretch it beyond learning to achieving proficiencies and developing competencies. The complete cycle is as shown below: -

(a)Teaching may lead to… (b)Awareness, you should go beyond to ensure… (c)Knowing, knowing does not mean …… (d)Understanding, if they understand next stage is… (e)Learning where they even can dorepparttar 141269 things them selves this has to be developed to… (f)Proficiency where they become proficient in what they do and that has to be developed to… (g)Competencies

What isrepparttar 141270 difference?

I always thought that if I teach and they (students) understand. I think I have done my Job well. Is that sufficient? Probably not! Let us take an example: -

I was trying to teach my daughter how to dance I taught her to my level best, put onrepparttar 141271 best music, told allrepparttar 141272 steps to perfection and gave enough time and attention and what not BUT It came out to be total failure. She probably understood dancing but could not dancerepparttar 141273 way I wanted. What did go wrong?

Reason is very simple she was only a toddler and was in no position to dance, though probably she became aware and up to some extent understood also. But was that enough? Please remember thatrepparttar 141274 very first essential step to ensure thatrepparttar 141275 students learn what you teach is to ensure that you are coming to their standards, this becomesrepparttar 141276 first essential step to bring them to your standards.

That could be one reason but there can be many more … What is needed?

For making teaching learning process to be successful a change in teachers attitude and approach is required following can be tried out:-

1. Paradigm shift from “Catch me if you can” to “catch them if you can”. Speakrepparttar 141277 language which they understand and inrepparttar 141278 manner that they understand.

2. Not only that! make sure that they don’t abandon you in between. You could devise mean to make sure that they stay with you. One technique is to askrepparttar 141279 students to repeat part ofrepparttar 141280 teaching ofrepparttar 141281 previous class and you should be able to identifyrepparttar 141282 students who are falling behind for what ever may be reasons. Target such students for your questions very often and let it be known by them after all it is for their own good.

How do you Ensure Learning

1. Generate interest in whatever you teach. Test their knowledge, which they gain by way of discussions and question answers. You could also ask some good students to give answers torepparttar 141283 questions raised by other students inrepparttar 141284 class.

2. Force them to come prepared you could take frequent class tests. Let sword be hanging on their heads you could also ask some students at random to come onrepparttar 141285 stage and just giverepparttar 141286 brief of what was discussed during previous lecture.

Healthcare Management: A Burgeoning Industry

Written by Alexa K. Apallas

In an uncertain economic climate, job security is a valuable commodity. But many careers that previously seemed recession-proof have been downsized, outsourced or shipped off to foreign countries. The trick is to find an industry in whichrepparttar demand for services will be continual. One such area is healthcare. No matter which wayrepparttar 141201 economic indicators are pointing, people will continue to need medical care. And asrepparttar 141202 Baby Boomers get older, they’ll need more and more health services, whether they seek care in hospitals, assisted living facilities, or at home. The demand for doctors and nurses will stay strong—as willrepparttar 141203 demand forrepparttar 141204 type of take-charge individuals who haverepparttar 141205 business skills and healthcare experience to run these facilities or programs. This career path is generally known as health services management, and according torepparttar 141206 Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for personnel is onrepparttar 141207 rise. According torepparttar 141208 bureau’s 2003/2004 Occupational Outlook Handbook, “Employment of medical and health services managers is expected to grow faster thanrepparttar 141209 average for all occupations through 2012, asrepparttar 141210 health services industry continues to expand and diversify. Opportunities will be especially good in offices of physicians and other health practitioners, home healthcare services and outpatient centers. Applicants with work experience inrepparttar 141211 healthcare field and strong business and management skills should haverepparttar 141212 best opportunities.” Earning potential is solid, as well. The median salary for health services managers was $61,370 in 2002, withrepparttar 141213 highest 10 percent inrepparttar 141214 field earning more than $109,000, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report. Career opportunities are good for job seekers who have either a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in health services. Those with Bachelor’s degrees tend to start out in entry-level assistant positions, while those with Master’s degrees may find work as department managers,repparttar 141215 Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. The key is to find a program that providesrepparttar 141216 necessary training. At American InterContinental University (AIU) Online, students can earn either a Bachelor’s or an MBA in healthcare management, and they can do it all online. Distance learning holds several advantages over traditional on-campus learning. According to Dr. Judy Stein, a professor in AIU Online’s healthcare management program, online learning provides “nontraditional” students—those with different learning styles, those with obligations that might prevent them from taking part in an on-campus degree program, or those who don’t live near a brick-and-mortar university—with a way to advance their education and their careers. Dr. Lyn Hoffman, AIU Online’s dean of academic affairs, agrees. “Online education is so important to reach people who wouldn’t otherwise haverepparttar 141217 opportunity,” she says. Online learning also provides students with a flexibility they might not otherwise receive. Stein tellsrepparttar 141218 story of one student who is stationed on a ship withrepparttar 141219 Navy. He was going to be without Internet access, so Stein worked with him so that he could remain on track with his coursework.

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