Paper Shredding Business Opportunities - An Expanding Field

Written by Randy Wilson

Paper Shredding Business Opportunities are blossoming up everywhere because in recent years, privacy concerns and new policies have forced companies all overrepparttar country to invest in paper shredding services. Large corporations and small are in need of shredding services.

Even in many homes, people have purchased small, trash can sized paper shredders for mail and receipts. Most businesses will not be able to shredrepparttar 149167 material they have by purchasing one of these same machines. First,repparttar 149168 small machines are not capable ofrepparttar 149169 volume. Secondly, companies in general are downsizing staff and it is unlikely that they are going to pay someone to feed documents into a tiny shredder all day.

That is where you come in. Investing in a paper shredding business now is like buying a gold mine. The list of documentsrepparttar 149170 Federal Government says must be destroyed is getting lengthier everyday. Every time you sign a document, be it a job application or a credit card receipt, there is a time limit thatrepparttar 149171 receiving company has to hold that document. After that time limit, they are required by law to destroy, or shred, that document.

Large corporations can take in thousands of signed resumes' a year. Restaurants and retail outlets that have not gone to electronic signature devices can have thousands of credit card receipts a month. Think of allrepparttar 149172 banking records that come due for destruction every week. Now think aboutrepparttar 149173 amount of tax documents that need to be rotated and destroyed every year. These are just a few examples ofrepparttar 149174 growing necessity of paper shredding businesses for confidential document destruction.

Mobile shredders are a fantastic investment, asrepparttar 149175 shredding device is built intorepparttar 149176 back of a large truck trailer for onsite paper shredding. This allowsrepparttar 149177 shredding company owner to go torepparttar 149178 client for onsite shredding. Companies spend thousands of dollars warehousing these documents that often get kept years past their required time because no one wants to deal with all that paper. Mobile paper shredding would allow you to go directly to their warehouse or storage facility. Clients will appreciate not having to pay someone else to have all of this information brought to you.

Offering Your eBay Selling Services Locally

Written by Jason James

There are MANY people in your area who would benefit from you helping them sell on eBay Profit Potential

In this business, profits come fromrepparttar commissions you earn fromrepparttar 149068 auction listings you place on eBay and other auction sites for your clients. In most cases, you should charge a 5% commission. In order for you to make your commission,repparttar 149069 item must sell. If you are able to create winning auctions with a total of $40,000 a month for clients, 5% commissions total $2,000 a month.

Profits would depend mostly on:

Your ability to find people who want to use your auction listing service.

Your ability to write good eBay auction listings.

Your ability to know what items are good candidates for listing on eBay Equipment Needed

To do this project, you will need:

Digital camera to take photos of items to be sold on eBay.

Laptop computer to use to find customers.

Internet connection

Project Startup Costs

This project is designed to work in your local area. If you already own a digital camera and laptop computer, and have an internet connection, your only other major investment will be your time. No other expenses are involved.

Keys to Success

There are three key elements to making this business successful.

First, you have to introduce your services to people who have items they would like to have sold.

Second, you have to present your services in such a way that potential customers are happy to pay you to do it for them, rather than do it themselves.

Third, you have to be able to create successful eBay listings that will generate bids and your profits

Getting Started

Getting started in this business is quite easy. For example, contact local organizations and groups that need speakers for their weekly events. Let them know that you would love to do a 'show and tell' to their group, about how to buy and sell items on eBay auctions. Mention that you can bring a laptop computer and a digital camera and will show exactly how it is done.

When first starting out, go for smaller, more informal audiences. Choose to speak atrepparttar 149070 senior citizens center, or at retirement activity centers. You want to gain practice with your presentation, before you go on to speak torepparttar 149071 business associations (Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, etc.)

Needless to say, when you do these presentations, dress and act like a professional. Make surerepparttar 149072 room where you will be speaking has an internet connection, and borrow or rent a LCD projector so you can display output from your computer to a screen large enough for everyone inrepparttar 149073 audience to see.

When you dorepparttar 149074 presentation, make it interesting and entertaining. Showrepparttar 149075 unusual items being sold on eBay, and especiallyrepparttar 149076 expensive items. Your goal is to inform and entertain your audience, and impress them with your computer skill and knowledge of how eBay works.

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