Palmistry - an Introduction

Written by Jen McCormack

Touch. Rub. Feel. Grip. Click. Clap. Hands, wonderful hands. Have you ever watched a young baby stare in awe and amazement atrepparttar bewildering sight ofrepparttar 143511 things onrepparttar 143512 end of his arms? Slowly he rotates them back and forward, back and forward, oh what marvels these things called hands. How lost we would be without these hands - they arerepparttar 143513 road maps of our souls. And just like we are able to read a street directory to help guide us in our journey so too can we read our hands. Below for your pleasure we have briefly described your main lines and what they mean, and how to interpret them, much torepparttar 143514 dismay ofrepparttar 143515 local "Party Person" (who delights in tellingrepparttar 143516 fortunes of others over several glasses of wine) a short life line does not necessarily mean a short life!

The left orrepparttar 143517 right - isrepparttar 143518 right right andrepparttar 143519 left wrong??? Basically,repparttar 143520 rule of thumb (pardonrepparttar 143521 pun) is which ever hand they write with is considered their dominant hand. When doing a reading you need to find out whether they are left or right handed. So then their dominant hand shows their future and where they're headed and their left hand shows their past and where they've been. Another belief, however not so common isrepparttar 143522 left hand (that is if they are a right handed person) is what they were born with andrepparttar 143523 right hand shows what they have made of themselves. This is a positive reinforcement of just how well someone has done when comparing both hands.

Like most mystic tools, all facets should be taken into consideration, what we have prepared for you is an introduction, you can then search, research and re-research to your hearts delight.

Timeline indications: Below I have also listed which way you read a line for examplerepparttar 143524 head line is read fromrepparttar 143525 end nearestrepparttar 143526 thumb and if you laid a time line over that you would gradually increaserepparttar 143527 time and thereforerepparttar 143528 age ofrepparttar 143529 persons line you are reading.

Head Line deals with your intellect, creativity andrepparttar 143530 way you handle life. This line is read fromrepparttar 143531 end nearestrepparttar 143532 thumb. The length of your head line indicative ofrepparttar 143533 level of intelligence, if your line goes straight across palm you are a practical and down to earth person. A head line curving toward heart line indicates good business ability. A clear and distinct head line shows good concentration and if your head line ends with a fork you are clever and diplomatic.

If you look at your hand there are generally three major lines running off fromrepparttar 143534 thumb area,repparttar 143535 Head Line isrepparttar 143536 middle one. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heart Line deals with your emotional responses to life. This line is read fromrepparttar 143537 end nearestrepparttar 143538 little finger. If your heart line is long and curved with some distance fromrepparttar 143539 fingers this shows a warmhearted, kind person. If your heart line is longer and stronger than that of your head line this means that your heart rules your head or all your decisions are emotionally based. A very deep heart line and one that runs close torepparttar 143540 fingers shows tendencies to be possessive and if you have chain like links you could be a little bit of a flirt.

Start here...first principles (C)

Written by Terry Dashner

Start here…first principles (C.)

Terry Dashner…………..Faith Fellowship Church PO Box 1586 Broken Arrow, OK 74013

Remember Pilate’s words to Jesus? I think it’s rather ironic that a mere mortal man would askrepparttar very Truth of Life, “What is truth?” It’s obvious that Pilate couldn’t handlerepparttar 143402 truth, even if it had been given to him in simple reply. With that said, let’s review truth once again.

By definition, truth is an expression, symbol, or statement that matches or corresponds to its object or referent (i.e., that to which it refers, whether it is an abstract idea or a concrete thing). Whenrepparttar 143403 statement or expression is about reality, it must correspond to reality in order to be true. Yet there are so many statements and views of reality; why should Christians believe that they haverepparttar 143404 only correct view? Shouldn’t people interpret reality for themselves and personally decide what is true on an individual basis? When it comes to religion, isn’t truth a matter of preference and therefore relative? [Norman Geisler and Peter Bocchino, Unshakable Foundations, (Bethany House: Minneapolis, Minnesota) p.33]

Is truth relative? Relativistic thinking has influenced us so much that it is now considered anti-intellectual to believe in absolute truth. The Christian’s belief in absolute truth andrepparttar 143405 God ofrepparttar 143406 Bible is not usually tolerated in secular intellectual settings. There is generally tremendous pressure exerted by peers, colleagues, educators, and unbelieving friends to get Christians to abandon their beliefs and to acceptrepparttar 143407 idea that their narrow-minded thinking isrepparttar 143408 same mindset that ultimately causes travesties likerepparttar 143409 medieval Crusades and all kinds of persecution. They are classified as intolerant bigots who can only see things their own way and refuse to acceptrepparttar 143410 views of others. [Ibid, p.35]

That’s a shame because truth is absolute and very tolerant. The problem for some is that truth is larger than our understanding of its holistic properties. For example, there is an old parable about six blind Hindus touching an elephant. One blind man touchedrepparttar 143411 side ofrepparttar 143412 elephant and said it was a wall. Another blind man touchedrepparttar 143413 ear and said it was a large leaf of a tree. Yet another blind man was holding a leg and thought it was a tree trunk. Still another blind man took hold ofrepparttar 143414 elephant’s trunk and said it was a snake. Someone else was touchingrepparttar 143415 elephants tusk and believed it to be a spear. Another blind man hadrepparttar 143416 elephant’s tail in his hand and was calling it a rope. Allrepparttar 143417 blind men were touchingrepparttar 143418 same reality but were understanding it differently. They all hadrepparttar 143419 right to interpret what they were touching in their own personal way, yet it wasrepparttar 143420 same elephant.

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