Pakistanis' future in US

Written by Syed Asad Ali Zaidi

Pakistanis' future in US

Of late, Pakistani society inrepparttar US is going through a lot of soul searching to identify a strategy for our future in this country. We are gradually working towards understandingrepparttar 125919 subtleties of American culture.

Generally, these values are acceptable torepparttar 125920 Pakistani-American society. We valuerepparttar 125921 diversity andrepparttar 125922 plurality of opinions that is embedded, in an immigrant community.

The Pakistani-Americans form an industrious community having a positive attitude towards American society. We have always worked forrepparttar 125923 betterment of our host country. We volunteer our time in promoting general welfare. Being highly qualified inrepparttar 125924 areas of science and technology, we are successful in various professions.

A new kind of Patriotism

Written by Jim Wilson

No matter who you voted for inrepparttar last election, or even who your parents voted for in past elections, we are all still American citizens today and will be tomorrow.

We are all American citizens.

That statement means something different to each and every one of us who call these great United States of America our home. We are all different in some ways while we are so similar in our love of our country and its’ emblems like our anthems and flags. It is imperative that we reunite under our common flag, sing our anthems and get back to beingrepparttar 125918 best and most respected country inrepparttar 125919 world.

Take a look aroundrepparttar 125920 world. Even in countries that would do us harm, there are individuals who want what we have. They sense our freedoms and our liberties. These people envy what we take for granted. Are we willing to throw away what we have because we are divided along political lines?

What we need to do now is concentrate on a new kind of patriotism.

“A new kind of patriotism” What does that mean? Perhaps it is time thatrepparttar 125921 citizens of our great country agree to put our differences aside forrepparttar 125922 good ofrepparttar 125923 country. We need to forge a common view of where American is heading. It is up to us to work for an American that we can all feel proud of.

What will be our legacy? History has seen us as a kind and generous nation. Strength and prosperity are required for us to affordrepparttar 125924 luxury of kindness and generosity. To maintain this strength and prosperity, we will have to unite and become one nation again. The backbone of this unification will be our patriotism.

Our patriotism has always been strong. It has fortified us in many battles both military and spiritual. Our founding fathers knew what patriotism was. It has always been a great insult to question publicly another mans patriotism. We must look deep inside of ourselves to raise a new kind of patriotic feeling that all Americans can feel as one. A patriotism that Americans will once again hold high and question only inrepparttar 125925 darkest of times and situation.

Who knows where patriotism grows?

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