Paintball Trends: Carbon Dioxide is History Ė Switch to Compressed Air

Written by Anthony Sakakeeny

Since 1981, paintball players have been shooting each other with marble-sized pellets of paint using a special gun called a marker. Players launch their paint pellets by pressing a trigger that releases compressed air or gas to propelrepparttar paintball out ofrepparttar 148223 marker towardsrepparttar 148224 target. New paintball players unfamiliar with their equipment have always had questions about whether compressed air offers an advantage over carbon dioxide (CO2). Is compressed air really better than carbon dioxide? To put it simply, YES!

Inside your paintball tank, carbon dioxide is primarily in liquid form. Asrepparttar 148225 carbon dioxide expands,repparttar 148226 liquid turns into gas. In its expanded gas state, carbon dioxide can serve as a stable pressure that will enable your gun to propel paintballs. Liquid carbon dioxide, however, can have a devastating effect on your gunís performance. The presence of liquid carbon dioxide inside a paintball marker can freezerepparttar 148227 gunís inner seals and cause cracks and leaking. Carbon dioxide is unreliable because itís sensitive to outside temperatures andrepparttar 148228 velocity with which you shoot. The faster you shoot,repparttar 148229 colder your tank will get, decreasingrepparttar 148230 likelihood of carbon dioxide converting from liquid to gas, and thus increasingrepparttar 148231 chance of liquid CO2 entering your marker.


Professional Triathlon Training Taking You To Your Best

Written by Mike Herman

There are hundreds of different programs for professional triathlon training that will work for you. There are even more that won’t. For anyone who is looking for some great plans to get them going, think about your needs and your desired outcome.

Are planning on being a professional athlete, training and racing to stay healthy, looking to make friends, or maybe just training and racing so as to lose weight?

Sure, we could tell you just what to do to winrepparttar race, but really, there is no sure fire way to do it besides gettingrepparttar 148222 knowledge you need, getting a great training program in place and working your butt of to getrepparttar 148223 results you need.

Professional triathlon training is geared towards pushing your body torepparttar 148224 limits, torepparttar 148225 point where you think it may just not make it. Here are some considerations for you.

  • Find one training program and stick with it. Sure, there are hundreds to choose from, but once you have chosen one that looks promising, stick with it. Results don’t happen overnight.

  • Getrepparttar 148226 goods on nutrition. We all know we need to eat well, but for those who are looking for professional triathlon training, it is equally as important to eatrepparttar 148227 right foods and getrepparttar 148228 proper Proper nutrition and hydration, both to aid in recover and energy levels during a race, are vitally important to your workouts and races.

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