Paint a Rosy Picture

Written by Burt Dubin

You want more bookings. And higher fees. In this short article, I revealrepparttar true story ofrepparttar 125579 strategies I used to get both- and how you can do it too, starting tomorrow morning:

She let me into her living room cautiously, curiously. I quickly selected where I'd putrepparttar 125580 lamp. If I were to get this dollar-down-dollar-when-you-catch-me account opened, she'd have to findrepparttar 125581 lamp irresistible. It was a gorgeous Chinese red table lamp, selected withrepparttar 125582 demographics and psychographics ofrepparttar 125583 neighborhood in mind.

I plugged inrepparttar 125584 lamp. It changedrepparttar 125585 spirit of her ordinary living room instantly. When she heardrepparttar 125586 terms, she got her purse and pushed a dollar bill into my waiting hand. Diamond Furniture had another installment account. (Then a tiny storefront operation, this retailer is nowrepparttar 125587 dominant furniture store in Northeast Philadelphia.)

My prospect saw a rosy picture-with her asrepparttar 125588 hero. I, working my way through Temple University, had another sale. My Uncle, owner ofrepparttar 125589 store, had an account that might yield many thousands of dollars in repeat sales for long years intorepparttar 125590 future.

Fast forward 10 years: Now representing an office furniture manufacturer to retailers, I convinced Harvey Blank to buy 1000 catalogs of my products with his company name, Blank Desk, boldly printed onrepparttar 125591 cover. His prospects would not toss out this resource because it had durable value. When ready to buy, they'd call him. I paintedrepparttar 125592 rosy picture-with Harvey asrepparttar 125593 hero. He secured a great promotional piece at a token cost. I enjoyed mega-commissions for years to come. Treated my family to a pool in our back yard.

Fast forward another 10 years: Now, I was in smog-infested Los Angeles, selling homesites whererepparttar 125594 sky is blue andrepparttar 125595 air is sweet-in sunny Arizona. I described life near great fishing, onrepparttar 125596 healthy high desert, yet only 20 minutes close torepparttar 125597 Hualapai mountains and tall trees. Smiling, I described what life could be like for my prospects on weekends now and full-time after they retired.

I painted a rosy picture-with my prospects asrepparttar 125598 heroes. The terms were easy enough. He looked at her. "What do you think, honey?" Within 2 minutes we were writing uprepparttar 125599 deal. By now I was enjoying life in Malibu, looking out overrepparttar 125600 ocean view from my dining room. Life was sweet.

When I became a self-marketing speaker, I usedrepparttar 125601 same strategies to propel my bookings intorepparttar 125602 six-figure stratosphere.

What has this to do with you enjoying more success as an expert who speaks? Stay tuned and see how you can cause your world to be your oyster. How you can get more gigs and higher fees. How you can soon enjoyrepparttar 125603 lifestyle you long for. Here's how:

In your mind's eye, place yourself inrepparttar 125604 mind and heart of your prospect. Your prospect is a decision maker withrepparttar 125605 need for a topic such as yours-plusrepparttar 125606 budget andrepparttar 125607 authority to hire you to speak or train.

Profit From Woody's Wisdom

Written by Burt Dubin

"90% of success is showing up." These words, attributed to Woody Allen, pack a lot of success savvy. So when Stan Rapp and Tom Collins write on marketing, I show up.

I showed up last week, all eyes and ears, scanned their street-smarts, compared their stuff with my front-line findings, captured some correlations. Here they are:

1. Love your clients:

Nothing beats this. Love them, care about them, empathize with them -- all in addition to serving them superbly. Help them feel better. Give them hope.

People today, regardless of their station in life, are inundated with negativity from special interests, from society's underbelly, from wild-eyed radicals with nothing to lose, from downsizings and mergers, from inhumane unprincipled acts in defiance of decency -- and callous disregard for valid interests.

Through your understanding, your presence and your positive ideas, you have a chance to affectrepparttar attitudes and self-sense of everybody you contact.

This, in turn, impacts productivity, sales and profits. That's one way you make a difference --repparttar 125578 difference your clients yearn for.

2. Deliver extra value:

Sweetenrepparttar 125579 deal with unexpected extras. Gorepparttar 125580 extra mile every which way. Do more than is expected, more than is required, more than anyone in their right mind would do!

Dazzle decision-makers with surprising extras. Make yourself absolutely unforgettable. Here's how you do this: Pay resolute attention to every possible detail. Amaze them with extras. Extra thoughtfulness. Extra concern for their interests. Extra care.

3. Build long-term relationships:

Let your first transaction signalrepparttar 125581 start of an enduring connection. Fromrepparttar 125582 first contact, enter into their world.

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