Paint Pictures That Entice Your Prospect

Written by Lisa Packer

You are excited about your product or service. Otherwise, you wouldn't be offering it torepparttar world.

But your prospect isn't so excited -- yet. He has to be given a reason to be, and most often your product alone isn't enough.

He wants to know what's in it for him. What will your product or service do in his life? The best marketing communications paint a vivid picture for him, letting him see himself enjoyingrepparttar 149188 big benefit you have to offer.

Show him a warm, sunny day when he's playing catch inrepparttar 149189 back yard with his five-year-old. His son is making memories, andrepparttar 149190 snobby neighbor next door looks over in envy at his gorgeous lawn. All because he used your grass seed.

Show him moving intorepparttar 149191 big, corner office. He looks out his window to admire his shiny new sports car. His former rival comes in to grudgingly congratulate him on his new promotion. But he had an unfair advantage getting here -- your software program.

SEO: When Being Optimized Can Hurt

Written by Lisa Packer

It’s a marketing dream come true: A potential customer, looking for what you have to offer, types a few words into her favorite search engine and voila! She is led directly to your website where she can go from “prospect” to “customer.”

The best part is, it didn’t cost you anything (except time and elbow grease) to get torepparttar top of her results. Unless, of course you paid for someone else’s time and elbow grease. Even so, you’ve got a sale and your customer got what she was looking for. Sounds likerepparttar 149187 classic win-win situation.

So, what’s not to love about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Plenty – if your efforts stop there. Because getting your site torepparttar 149188 top ofrepparttar 149189 search result heap is only halfrepparttar 149190 battle. Leaverepparttar 149191 other half un-fought, and you’re actually doing yourself more harm than good.

Lets not forget thatrepparttar 149192 ultimate goal of this whole exercise is to eventually make sales. And last I checked, search engine spiders weren’t spending a whole lot of money.

When an actual human being gets to your site and sees a page designed for a robot she feels a bit used. Kind of like being pitched to byrepparttar 149193 used car salesman inrepparttar 149194 polyester suit. She reads copy that, rather than telling her how she might benefit from what you have to offer, repeats variations of her search term over and over. This tells her you don’t care about her, you only want her money. She clicks away and searches some more.

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