Pagan Religions Taught In Public Schools

Written by Joel Turtel

In classrooms throughoutrepparttar country, Judeo-Christian beliefs are often cast aside or ridiculed. Multiculturalism studies, environmental propaganda, and Save-the-Earth classes now indoctrinate children with New-Age religious beliefs, often without parents’ knowledge. Public schools sometimes try to sneak offensive pagan or new-age religions into their curriculum without parents’ knowledge underrepparttar 144045 guise of multiculturalism studies.

In January, 2003, a group of parents sued a Sacramento Unified School District because certain teachers at their local elementary school were aggressively, and secretly, teaching anthroposophy, a religion that combines traditional Western religion with astrology and New Age religion. Pacific Justice Institute lawyers representingrepparttar 144046 parents indicated that many other public schools in California are now adding New Age and Eastern religions, including Islam, to their curricula.

Below is only a small sample ofrepparttar 144047 flood of “spiritual” sessions taking place in classrooms throughoutrepparttar 144048 country (examples are from Berit Kjos’s book, "Brave New Schools"):

1. Altered states of consciousness: Teaching students to alter their consciousness through centering exercises, guided imagery, and visualizations has become standard practice in self-esteem, multicultural, and arts programs. They often encourage contact with spirit guides.

2. Dreams and visions: After studying a pagan myth, students are often asked to imagine or visualize a dream or vision, then describe it in a journal or lesson assignment.

The Incredibles Kid Birthday Party Idea

Written by Mike Dougherty "Grandpa Mike"

Mr. Incredible and Elastiwoman torepparttar Rescue!

The Incredibles based onrepparttar 144030 hit Disney movie has become a favorite fun kid birthday party theme. The Incredibles Invitations

Have fun creating a "top secret" message as your Incredibles birthday party theme invitation.

You might say something like this. "Calling all superheros... The Incredibles need your help!"

"You're invited to help Mr. Incredible and Elastiwoman protect our city fromrepparttar 144031 evil villian, "syndrom" at (insertrepparttar 144032 first and last name of your birthday child)'s birthday party... And we're celebrating with The Incredibles." "The superhero birthday action begins on (date of party)."

"Our superhero birthday party location is top secret and will be known only to our superhero guests... Only by holding this invitation up and facing it toward a mirror will you be able to decode this secret address message."

(Writerepparttar 144033 address backwards onrepparttar 144034 invitation so it will appear correctly when held up to a mirror).

"Our superhero birthday party fun begins at (time) and will end at (time)."

"Superhero refreshments will be served."

"All superhero party guests are requested to RSVP usingrepparttar 144035 secret telephone number known only to our invited superhero guests.(phone number)"

"Every party guest wearing an Incredibles costume will be given a special secret party favor."

Have fun and be creative with your invitation.

Your guests will quickly getrepparttar 144036 idea that this party is going to be special. They won't be able to wait for your birthday party!

The Incredibles Decorations

Yellow, red and black arerepparttar 144037 main colors for The Incredibles.

Get your Incredibles birthday party theme started right.

Decorate with yellow, red and black balloons, and crepe paper... Put "superhero" signs all overrepparttar 144038 place. Next to your telephone put a sign that reads "telephone for superheros only." Onrepparttar 144039 door torepparttar 144040 restroom put up a sign that reads, "Superhero Restroom."

Have fun, be creative, it's an Incredibles superhero party!

On your front door, attach yellow, red and vlack balloons and a sign that reads "Secret Location, (name of your birthday child)'s Incredibles, superhero birthday party."

Incredibles Birthday Party Theme Costumes

Costumes are a great way to get everyone into your Incredibles birthday party theme.

There are excellent online party stores and costume stores where you'll find a great selection of costumes including The Incredibles...

Or you can try putting together your own costume... Using yellow, red and black as your main colors, put together your own creative version of Mr. Incredible or Elastiwoman.

Say Cheese!

Remember your camera, digital camera and video camera...

You're going to want to take lots of pictures and video of your birthday child and all their friends in costume. You'll want to remember how everyone looked in their Incredibles birthday party theme costumes.

Get Your Incredibles Party Started

You want to start your party as soon asrepparttar 144041 first guest arrives... Don't sit around waiting for everyone else, start having fun.

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