Packing: pack light, pack tight, pack carefully

Written by Gareth Powell

There are three areas of expertise when it comes to packing to travel: frequent travelers, airline cabin staff, butlers and valets. Strangely, all seem to come up withrepparttar same advice: fold it carefully, pad it well, pack it tight. The definitive authority on packing is Stanley Ager, who was butler torepparttar 143171 second and third Lords St Levan. He would pack a suitcase for their lordships for a sea voyage to East Africa. If, on arrival,repparttar 143172 clothes were not instantly ready to wear, he felt he had failed. These are heights to which few of us can aspire, but it is something to aim for. Rules for packing a suitcase for overseas travel Place on a bed everything you simply have to take, pared down torepparttar 143173 bare essentials. Then deduct 50 per cent. Brush clothes with a clothes brush before you pack them. Shirts that have been torepparttar 143174 laundry should not be unpacked from their laundry wrappings. Fold clothes on a bed or on a flat table. Have a pile of tissue paper for padding. It is agreed generally byrepparttar 143175 experts that you simply cannot do a half-way decent job without using tissue paper. Use tissue paper to line any folds that you make and to separate garments. Load a suitcase inrepparttar 143176 following order: Heavy dresses should be laid towardsrepparttar 143177 bottom ofrepparttar 143178 case withrepparttar 143179 front facing upwards. Same with men's suits. Trousers atrepparttar 143180 bottom, withrepparttar 143181 crease towardsrepparttar 143182 handle. Heavy or tweed skirts also go atrepparttar 143183 bottom. Jackets are packed next. It depends onrepparttar 143184 length ofrepparttar 143185 jacket andrepparttar 143186 size ofrepparttar 143187 case. In a very large suitcase you can place them withrepparttar 143188 collar facingrepparttar 143189 handle and thenrepparttar 143190 jacket folded in with one centre crease. If this is not possible, lay it lengthwise acrossrepparttar 143191 case. Make surerepparttar 143192 collar side faces towardsrepparttar 143193 centre ofrepparttar 143194 case, rather than being pressed to one side. Wrap socks around shoes, so thatrepparttar 143195 heels do not damage other goods, before wrapping them in plastic. Fold ties into their own folder of tissue paper. Use socks, gloves, handkerchiefs to fillrepparttar 143196 spaces.

Test your stress levels before you book

Written by Gareth Powell

You need to know your stress levels before you book a holiday. This quiz for evaluating stress originally surfaced in a Macmillan medical book in 1982 but in various forms it has been around for much longer. Basically what you need to know is whether you have been under too much stress inrepparttar past six months. If you have then it may affect your choice of holiday, your means of travel. Going through an airport is a high stress situation. Charging aroundrepparttar 143170 countryside on an explorer expedition can be stressful. Driving long distances is stressful. Sitting byrepparttar 143171 pool and swimming a few lazy laps is not stressful. As is resting inrepparttar 143172 countryside. Or anywhere else where you feel relaxed and serene. First you need to get a point score. Noticerepparttar 143173 questions only apply torepparttar 143174 last six months. Not your lifetime. Duringrepparttar 143175 past six months: Has your partner died? 20 points. Have you become divorced or separated from your partner? 15 points. Has a close relation (other than husband or wife) died? 13 points. Have you been in hospital because of injury or illness? 11 points. Have you married, or effected a reconciliation with your partner after a separation? 10 points. Have you discovered you are soon to become a parent? 9 points. Has there been a major change, whether for better or worse, inrepparttar 143176 health of a close member of your family? 9 points. Have you lost your job or retired? 9 points. Are you experiencing any sexual difficulties? 8 points. Has a new member been born or married into your intimate family circle? 8 points. Has a close friend died? 8 points. Have your finances got markedly better or worse? 8 points. Have you changed your job? 8 points. Have any of your children moved out ofrepparttar 143177 family home or started or finished school? 6 points

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