Pa-Kua Feng Shui Basics

Written by Steven M. Ng


Feng Shui (literally "Wind and Water" in Chinese), is all about balance and harmony between us and our environment. Just likerepparttar Yin and Yang energies, Feng Shui is about balance. Where there is light, there will always be darkness; where there is fire, there will always be water; and so forth.

Feng Shui teaches that every individual interacts differently to their environment. Sometimes, a particular environment - such as a house or office - is so suited to you that you find that everything in your life is great. However, if you have troubled relationships or financial woes, it is quite likely that there is some discord or imbalance between yourself and your environment, manifesting in your daily life.

By subtly modifying your environment, you will be able to restore this balance, and consequently improve your life. Modifying your environment can be as simple as changingrepparttar 122167 angle or position of your work desk, or by buying Feng Shui items such as mandarin ducks and placing them in proper locations in your home or office.

There are many systems of authentic classical Feng Shui. This article describesrepparttar 122168 Xuan Kong (pronounced "Shu-en Kong") system. Xuan Kong (literally "Mysterious Void" in Chinese) is a complete system which includes complicated formulae to calculate optimal positioning and composition of an environment.


There are a few sub-schools withinrepparttar 122169 Xuan Kong system, includingrepparttar 122170 popular Flying Stars school. The descriptions in this article are based onrepparttar 122171 Eight Mansion school, also known asrepparttar 122172 Pa-Kua school. Inrepparttar 122173 Pa-Kua technique,repparttar 122174 compass is divided into eight directions, each of which is depicted by a trigram. Each of these directions have different significance. For example, one ofrepparttar 122175 Pa-Kua directions isrepparttar 122176 personal or relationship direction, which will be ofrepparttar 122177 most interest to someone with troubled relationships. Furthermore,repparttar 122178 significance of each direction differs for each individual.

To find out how each Pa-Kua direction affects you personally, you will need to calculate your Kua Number. You can do this by usingrepparttar 122179 Kua Calculator at:

What Your Daydreams Reveal

Written by Joi Sigers

Let's takerepparttar most common type of daydream first: worry. We all know this one on a first name basis. Your loved one is 15 minutes late and your thoughts run to negativity like a moth to light. If he or she were an hour late, anyone would be concerned, but if 15 minutes is all it takes to call outrepparttar 122166 negativity patrol, it would pay to take a closer look at yourself and why this is so.

Doesrepparttar 122167 above scenario sound a little too familiar to you? If it does, I would almost bet that you've experienced a tragedy in your life that really hit close to home, one that was completely unexpected. Actually, if 15 minutes is an accurate measure, it's safe to say you've endured more than one such disaster. Nothing can bring about insecurities about your present and future quite like your past. (Once bitten, twice shy = once hurt, twice cautious). Sometimes just realizing this will quietrepparttar 122168 fears and negative thoughts.

Next timerepparttar 122169 15 minute mark hits (or any trigger, for that matter), tell your subconcious that you know why it's "going there" and then replacerepparttar 122170 negative, worrisome thoughts with positive ones. Focus on how great it'll be, for example, when he/she does show up!

If you tend to spend a lot of time daydreaming about far away places, you may need a change of scenery. People tend to fantasize a lot about beaches, especially inrepparttar 122171 winter - but before you call for a U-Haul, realize that you probably just need to mix things up a little. Sometimes a trip to a nearby town will dorepparttar 122172 trick. (Take it from someone who lived onrepparttar 122173 beach, even beachcombers fantasize about far away places - snowy mountains and houses with fireplaces are just as enticing!)

Do you tend to think really negative thoughts, just out ofrepparttar 122174 blue? For example, while doing a household chore, do you start imagining worst-case-scenarios? If you answer inrepparttar 122175 affirmative, you're to be commended for realizing it and owning up to it. You certainly aren't alone! This type of daydream indicates that something is missing in your life. While you probably aren't full-fledged depressed (which could be treated with a trip torepparttar 122176 doctor), there is something that you're not getting. Whether it's enough attention or love from your loved ones or appreciation for what you do, there are negative forces around you and they're manifesting themselves in your thoughts. Sometimes it's as simple as feeling bad about yourself: feeling old, unattractive, overweight, etc.

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