"P" Your Way To Online Business Success With Great Products

Written by Jeff Schuman

"P" Your Way To Online Business Success With Great Products! 2002 Jeff D. Schuman http://www.Team-Schuman.com

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Hi...Jeff Schuman here with another article on making money fromrepparttar 116802 comfort of your own home with my Amazing Sales Formula and Internet Marketing!

Anyone can make money fromrepparttar 116803 comfort of their own home today thanks torepparttar 116804 internet!

You just need a few good products and an excellent follow-up system! If you can get your own website set-up that is even better. Though not necessary!

Look closely atrepparttar 116805 elements in our Amazing Sales Formula eCourse "P" Your Way To Success with GREAT PRODUCTS! All 6 ofrepparttar 116806 elements Product, People, Promotion, Price, Persistence, and Profits are equally important...but I always found that it was easier to sell someone a product who had a need, interest or desire.

If I could find a prospect who had 2 out ofrepparttar 116807 3 then my closing ratio went way up.

This was more easily accomplished by having a GREAT PRODUCT!

Sure there are people who could sell ice to an Eskimo out there. You may be one of them. I was not. Especially early in my sales career.

Here isrepparttar 116808 good news. The internet levelsrepparttar 116809 playing field for all of us if you can find a GREAT PRODUCT to offer that you believe in.

That's what I try to do with my own site Team-Schuman.Com site. Offer Great Products! So should you!

GREAT PRODUCTS that you believe in will help get you started making money right away with your own internet marketing business. I have looked at over 100 online business opportunities. Many of them are easily joined by becoming affiliates. These companies pay you a commission basically to advertise and promote their GREAT PRODUCT.

If you can become somewhat comfortable at marketingrepparttar 116810 products you become an affiliate for then you can make extra money fromrepparttar 116811 comfort of your home with no website or product of your own.

When I understood this a light bulb went off in my head. Ifrepparttar 116812 internet isrepparttar 116813 wave ofrepparttar 116814 future and I am starting to buy products online anyway...

"P" Your Way To Online Business Success With Great Persistence

Written by Jeff Schuman

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"P" Your Way To Online Success With Great Persistence! 2002 Jeff D. Schuman ==========================================================

Jeff Schuman here with another article on making money fromrepparttar comfort of your own home with my Amazing Sales Formula and Internet Marketing!

Today we will go overrepparttar 116801 5th "P" in The Amazing Sales Formula...... Persistence. When I was a kid growing up in Imperial, Nebraska I was lucky to be raised in a family where I learned at a young age what it meant to be persistent. It didn't matter what we were doing we were always setting goals and figuring out ways to hit them. That right there isrepparttar 116802 foundation for success in almost anything in life. Did you catch that?

Set a goal and figure out a way to hit it! It has been written that anythingrepparttar 116803 mind of man can believe and conceive it can achieve. A very catchy phrase that I still remember 25 years after hearing it. This is not an article on goal setting and your belief system. I am going to assume you have set a goal and are committed to hitting it. If it involves a product you really believe in then you will hit that goal eventually as long as you are PERSISTENT! Usuallyrepparttar 116804 difference between failure and success comes down to persistence. If you have followedrepparttar 116805 other 4 "P's" and have GREAT: 1. Products 2. People 3. Pricing 4. Promotions Then you really just have to be persistent to reach your goal. This is alot easier said than done. Why! Because of distractions that help us take our eyes off ofrepparttar 116806 goal. Here is an example of this using myself. I like to break my goals into 3 areas. 1. Short Term 2. Intermediate 3. Long Term I usually work backwords on this. My long term goal is to earn a 6 figure income fromrepparttar 116807 comfort of my own home. My intermediate goal is to build an opt in list of 30,000 names I can market my products and services online. My short term goal is to market my online business everyday. Here's what happens in a typical week.

My older son has 2 basketball games. My younger son has 2 practices and 2 basketball games.

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