"P" Your Way To Online Business Success With Great Pricing

Written by Jeff Schuman

"P" Your Way To Online Business Success With Great Pricing! 2002 Jeff D. Schuman http://www.Team-Schuman.com

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Hi...Jeff Schuman here with another article on making money fromrepparttar 116798 comfort of your own home with my Amazing Sales Formula and Internet Marketing!

As we continue to look atrepparttar 116799 6 P's in The Amazing Sales Formula today we are going to talk about Great Pricing!

What isrepparttar 116800 message you are sending to your customers? When you factor in everything that it takes to make a salerepparttar 116801 one thing that affects repparttar 116802 bottom line of your businessrepparttar 116803 most isrepparttar 116804 price. Set it to high and you won't have enough sales to stay in business. Set it to low and you won't be able to cover your overhead and you will be out of business. Most businesses fail inrepparttar 116805 first 2-5 years for 2 reasons. 1. Lack of capital to stay in business long enough to become profitable. 2. Lack of knowledge. Not lack of knowledge on their profession, but rather lack of knowledge inrepparttar 116806 steps required to turn a profit. I've seen it over and over again. You talk to someone who appears to be super busy.

They are making sales left and right. Their phone is ringing offrepparttar 116807 hook.

They can't getrepparttar 116808 product in fast enough to fillrepparttar 116809 demand.

Then 6 months later their doors are closed. I always wondered how that could be. The bottom line is they did not have their pricing in line to cover their overhead and eventually they ran out of money to stay in business! When we are running our own home businesses we are lucky when it comes to overhead.

We don't have to deal with many ofrepparttar 116810 variables a typical business has to deal with.

We don't haverepparttar 116811 additional costs such as rent, employees, payroll, benefits, office furniture, licenses, phones, utilites, warehouse, vehicles, insurance....etc...etc...! This right there helps solve one ofrepparttar 116812 first variables in setting pricing.

We should be able to be more competitive right away because our overhead is lower than a traditional business. There our a number of tax benefits for owning your own home business. Depending onrepparttar 116813 tax laws in your country these benefits can be HUGE! I can show almost anyone with a job inrepparttar 116814 U.S.A... (and other countries as well) how to start and run their own home business without taking a penny out of their own pockets LEGALLY!

Let your tax dollars fundrepparttar 116815 start-up and overhead of running your own home business. But that is another course in itself! If you look uprepparttar 116816 meaning ofrepparttar 116817 word PRICE in a Webster's Dictionaryrepparttar 116818 first meaning you see is this..archaic: value. That really in a nutshell is what you are doing when you setrepparttar 116819 price forrepparttar 116820 products that you are offering. What isrepparttar 116821 value?

"P" Your Way To Online Business Success With Great Profits

Written by Jeff Schuman

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"P" Your Way To Online Business Success With Great Profits! 2002 Jeff D. Schuman ==========================================================

Hi {!name_fix} ,

Jeff Schuman here with another article on making money fromrepparttar comfort of your own home with my Amazing Sales Formula and Internet Marketing!

As a business person our ultimate goal is to be in business for ourselves to earn a profit!

Basic Accounting 101 states that Income(-)Expenses=Profit!

I don't want to get into what makes up expenses except to say that you will have fixed and variable expenses when you operate any business.

The nice thing about operating a home business is that you are able to eliminate most all of your expenses compared to a traditional business.

That right there isrepparttar 116797 single biggest reason you can be in a profit mode almost from day 1. You do not have to incur alot of expense to create an immediate income.

When you look atrepparttar 116798 other 5 "P's".........

1. Product 2. People 3. Price 4. Promotions 5. Persistence

you really begin to understand how it is that so many new businesses fail inrepparttar 116799 first 5 years. There are alot of variables that go intorepparttar 116800 5 "P's"!

The American Dream of Free Enterprise is founded on repparttar 116801 principle of FREEDOM of choice!

You get to choose how you run your own business. You makerepparttar 116802 decisions. You put your neck onrepparttar 116803 line everyday!

Internet Marketing or making money fromrepparttar 116804 comfort of your own home is no different. We get up everyday and put our neck onrepparttar 116805 line to fulfill our "DREAM" of making money fromrepparttar 116806 comfort of our own homes.

The nice thing about running your own home business is that you are able to eliminate most of your fixed and variable expenses and still create a very large income on an ongoing basis!

There is one big difference between an Internet Marketing Business and a Traditional Business.

To make a profit in internet marketing you have to become very good at advertising and promoting onrepparttar 116807 internet! If you can create a system for promoting your products without incurring a large expense than you are off to a great start.

As your income increases then you can re-invest some of your profits into more advertising and promotions to increase your business even more.

This is not an exact science, but as you get better and better at it you will begin to get your own system almost down to a science.

One ofrepparttar 116808 greatest marketing books of all times is "Scientific Advertising" by Claude Hopkins. This is a masterpiece that has withstoodrepparttar 116809 test of time.

Drop me an email! mailto:jeff@team-schuman.com Put Scientific Advertising inrepparttar 116810 subject line! Please include your name and email address! I will send you a FREE eBook copy of this Great Book!

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