Written by Gwynn Torres and Sid Berger

Two unique products from The Creativity Institute (www.creativityinstitute.com) are helping to introduce more and more children torepparttar imaginative fun found in putting on puppet shows. By bundling puppet scripts with a companion cast of puppets, this online child-creativity resource offers an easy way to get children involved in creative pretend play.

The Creativity Institute's Old MacDonald Puppet Set comes with Farmer MacDonald, seven barnyard animal puppets and a scripted adaptation ofrepparttar 143840 familiar song. The song can be acted out with anyone (or everyone) inrepparttar 143841 room singingrepparttar 143842 song or withrepparttar 143843 puppets performing along with any prerecorded version. Up to eight children can performrepparttar 143844 skit at one time, though it can really add torepparttar 143845 fun whenrepparttar 143846 cast is smaller andrepparttar 143847 children take on double roles. (Imaginerepparttar 143848 giggles whenrepparttar 143849 pig quacks by accident.)

The Aesop's Fables Puppet Set packages together five animal hand puppets that frequently appear in Aesop's stories: a Lion, Mouse, Fox, Rabbit and Turtle. The set also includes, at no additional charge, Creativity Institute adaptations of four Aesop's Fables stories that have been modified and contemporized without losing their original story line or moral. The adapted scripts include “The Mouse andrepparttar 143850 Lion,” “The Hare andrepparttar 143851 Tortoise,” “The Fox andrepparttar 143852 Grapes” and “The Fox Who Had Lost His Tail.”

Creativityinstitute.com also has a page devoted to helping parents and children develop their own script ideas. The page offers links to several sites onrepparttar 143853 Internet where visitors can find existing scripts of classic comedy routines, as well as children's stories that can be easily adapted torepparttar 143854 puppet stage. The Creativity Institute page also offers a list of “director tips” for staging puppet show productions. These include such basics as how to make a puppet walk and talk. For example, most people instinctively work a hand puppet's mouth by closing it on a syllable, which isrepparttar 143855 opposite of how someone talks. It makes for a better show if a puppeteer can learn to openrepparttar 143856 puppet's mouth on each syllable instead.

Enhancing your Powers with Vaastu (For Students)

Written by Lieutenant Colonel Anil Kumar Nigam

Enhance your Powers with Vaastu

The Basics

Though science of Vast existed since ancient times, its importance has been re-emphasized only in modern time. Vast offers a very powerful tool for enhancingrepparttar effect of good natural powers and atrepparttar 143839 same time negating effects ofrepparttar 143840 bad powers.

Vaastu isrepparttar 143841 science of directions that combines allrepparttar 143842 five elements of nature namely The Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space and balances them withrepparttar 143843 man andrepparttar 143844 material. Vaastu Shastra is creating a congenial settings or a place to live or work, in most scientific way taking advantages ofrepparttar 143845 benefits bestowed byrepparttar 143846 five elements also called "Paanchbhootas" ofrepparttar 143847 nature thereby pavingrepparttar 143848 way for enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in an enlightened environment. The world comprises of these five basic elements known. Out ofrepparttar 143849 nine planets, only our planet has life because ofrepparttar 143850 presence of all these five elements so your body is nothing but a creation by god by using these five elements in harmony withrepparttar 143851 nature. These elements can effectively be used either in harmony withrepparttar 143852 nature to enhance your powers or in conflict withrepparttar 143853 nature to completely destroy your abilities.

Vaastu Advice For The Study Room A study room should be such thatrepparttar 143854 person studying there can put his full concentration and is helped byrepparttar 143855 natural powers to do so. If he does not position himself properly and does not chooserepparttar 143856 layout ofrepparttar 143857 room andrepparttar 143858 furnishings inrepparttar 143859 room then he will not able to concentrate properly, will not be able to sit there for long and will feel uncomfortable. The key is to userepparttar 143860 natural powers to your advantage and negaterepparttar 143861 bad effects ofrepparttar 143862 powers which they may otherwise have.

One has to take care ofrepparttar 143863 following points while selecting and laying downrepparttar 143864 study room: - ·Proper location ofrepparttar 143865 study room inrepparttar 143866 house,repparttar 143867 direction ofrepparttar 143868 Entrance ·The direction & placement ofrepparttar 143869 study table. ·The direction to face while studying ·The direction & placement ofrepparttar 143870 book shelf ·Lighting arrangement ofrepparttar 143871 room. ·The things to be kept inrepparttar 143872 study room ·The color scheme ofrepparttar 143873 room. Study room location

It should be located inrepparttar 143874 direction considered most auspicious for learning and knowledge. These arerepparttar 143875 east,repparttar 143876 north orrepparttar 143877 northeast ofrepparttar 143878 house. Along with that ifrepparttar 143879 door ofrepparttar 143880 room is also in either of these directions,repparttar 143881 result turns out to berepparttar 143882 best. The room should never be in southwest or south. Astrologically,repparttar 143883 sun isrepparttar 143884 lord ofrepparttar 143885 east (direction) and any work done or studies performed sitting in this direction will bring fruitful results. Studying and sitting inrepparttar 143886 east rarely hinders concentration. In your study room, have your seat so as to face east or north.

Do not have a toilet inrepparttar 143887 study room, though you can have a bathroom.

Some preventive measures: Make Sure that…

·The study doesn’t have a noisy toilet onrepparttar 143888 floor above or below and thatrepparttar 143889 student doesn’t study sitting under a beam.

·That there is no mirror reflecting their books while they study. This hasrepparttar 143890 effect creating a lot of pressure on them. ·Pillars, columns, sharp pointed edges of furniture, open shelves etc act as obstructions and deterrents to good concentration.

·Shoes and chappals should not be kept under a bed. Try to keeprepparttar 143891 area underrepparttar 143892 bed, as clean as possible. As far as possible all foot wears

hould be kept away fromrepparttar 143893 room only bath room slipper could be kept.

Study Table

It isn’t advisable to keeprepparttar 143894 study table against a wall. There should be open space in front. This encourages fresh ideas and approach and breaksrepparttar 143895 monotony of lengthy study sessions.

The table should not stick torepparttar 143896 wall. It should be at least 3 feet away from it. Along with that unnecessary books should not be piled up onrepparttar 143897 table. Onlyrepparttar 143898 books, which are needed, should be kept onrepparttar 143899 table. Load of books onrepparttar 143900 table create unnecessary mental pressure onrepparttar 143901 mind. You could have a solid wall behind you as it signifies support. One can also place a painting or poster of a mountain behind to add support. However,repparttar 143902 peaks ofrepparttar 143903 mountain should preferably be smooth and not sharp.

Ensure thatrepparttar 143904 study table isn’t cluttered with heaps of books piled on it. The table and chair should also be neat and clean. A revolving chair usually isn’t a good idea; a four-legged wooden chair is best. Ensure thatrepparttar 143905 height ofrepparttar 143906 table andrepparttar 143907 chair are suitable for you and there is no unnecessary strain on your neck.

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