PRofiting from Publicity: Online Public Relations

Written by Philippa Gamse


One ofrepparttar cheapest ways to market your business is to take advantage ofrepparttar 125190 many opportunities that exist for free or low cost public relations. The exponential growth ofrepparttar 125191 Internet provides constantly expanding virtual public relations resources.

So how can you capitalize on it? First, let's be clear. This can make a tangible difference to your business. I recently wrote torepparttar 125192 excellent e-mail discussion "SpeakerNet", asking for experiences aboutrepparttar 125193 use of Web sites for marketing. Here are some ofrepparttar 125194 comments that I received aboutrepparttar 125195 public relations aspect:

"My Web site has allowed my articles to be published in many national magazines, such as Presentations, T&D, numerous newspapers and industry publications. My free articles have are downloaded by over 50,000 people each year from over 60 countries." - Lenny Laskowski,

Richard Thieme's site, at: has received numerous awards, including both a "Hot Site ofrepparttar 125196 Day," and a "Cool Site ofrepparttar 125197 Day" from USA Today. Readers forward Richard's weekly column, "Islands inrepparttar 125198 Clickstream," to numerous friends and other online discussion groups. Richard receives frequent requests from many different countries to republishrepparttar 125199 column, for which he charges a reprint fee. So, although his original articles are available for free via his Web site, they are highly leveraged into other media, and speaking engagements.

Hopefully now you are inspired to look for free PR opportunities, and ready for some practical tips.

Integrating your PR message

One key factor is that your total message and corporate image should be consistent both inrepparttar 125200 real world and online. Used effectively, public relations activities inrepparttar 125201 traditional media can draw traffic to your Web site, and conversely, articles on your Web site can generate business. Jesse Weeks told me: "For each article I print, at least one inquiry for services results, often many."

Therefore a cardinal rule is to keeprepparttar 125202 look and feel of your Web site in line with your printed materials. Your Web site is your online press kit. As David Arnold says: "I have my company logo is prominently featured both on my Web site and printed materials. As soon as my package arrives meeting planners connect it with my site, and that in turn reminds them of our phone conversation, reducingrepparttar 125203 common "Hmmm, who's this from?" or "Gee, where have I heard this name before?"

Promote your articles!

If you have any published articles, (or even unpublished ones), consider putting each one on a separate page of your Web site. This has several advantages:

* it plays torepparttar 125204 Web philosophy that "content is king", and showcases your expertise andrepparttar 125205 breadth of your knowledge

* you can construct keywords and descriptions specifically for each article, and promote them individually inrepparttar 125206 search engines. This allows you to further differentiate yourself, and significantly improves your chances of being found online.

For example, I recently discovered from my access logs that my Web site was receiving many hits from Sweden. I checked allrepparttar 125207 Web sites that currently link to mine (which I had neglected to do for a while), and discovered that an article I had written about effective online research techniques was being cited as a resource for a course atrepparttar 125208 University of Uppsala!

Searching for Web links can be done in Alta Vista by entering link:yourdomain inrepparttar 125209 search box, e.g.

I have noticed that a number of Web sites state that visitors may request articles that are not immediately available. Forrepparttar 125210 reasons explained above, I am not sure that this isrepparttar 125211 best tactic. It may be a great way to get leads and build a mailing list, but it doesn't help your visibility.

And while we're on this subject, don't just putrepparttar 125212 plain text into your site exactly as it is on paper. The article should be formatted so that it reads well onrepparttar 125213 screen, and has good navigation both withinrepparttar 125214 page, and back to other areas of your site.

Online press releases

There are ever expanding numbers of newspapers, newsletters, and e-zines (electronic magazines) online, and also reporters looking for stories. Since Web sites have to be constantly updated (even more than inrepparttar 125215 real world), they are hungry for your news!


Written by Rozey Gean

Entrepreneurs aroundrepparttar world are tapping intorepparttar 125189 endless resources that freely flow through Internet networking communities. These communities are made up of enterprising women and men who are seeking to discover new and innovative techniques of establishing business relationships, building a client base, and gaining increased exposure globally. Through e-mail lists and electronic bulletin boards sponsored by such communities, entrepreneurs can not only establish these viable contacts; they can also share Internet resources to assist fellow members withinrepparttar 125190 communities in just about every aspect of business start up and operation.

As a veteran inrepparttar 125191 ever-growing popularity of Internet networking, I envision four distinctive elements that are inevitably sought after from true networkers acrossrepparttar 125192 world.

1. A VAT OF INFORMATION The Internet offers a vat of information to entrepreneurs. However, knowing what you need to know and where to find it can propose many challenges. Through effective networking, entrepreneurs share their knowledge and resources in an effort to help each other keep up with information that may be pertinent, as well as useful, in growing their businesses.

2. PARTNERING THROUGH SUPPORT Often timesrepparttar 125193 isolation of working alone limits our creativity and abilities, as well as our potential growth. Through Internet community networking, entrepreneurs are able to establish partnerships wherein they share various components of services that will allow them to take on projects they may otherwise feel forced to turn down. Reasons they turn down opportunities may be a result of time restraints or a lack of knowledge in specific areas or aspects of a project.

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