Written by Bob McElwain

Have you ever known something was true? Deep down in your gut where it matters most? Something everybody around you also knows? Have you been there, yet something deep inside just won't buy it? Well, I'm in that fix right now. I have been for years.

Ebook fiction won't sell. I know it's so. And so do most. Likely you do as well. Folks curl up in a chair, sprawl onrepparttar couch, lounge inrepparttar 118006 bath tub, and so forth to read fiction. Hey, this isrepparttar 118007 way it is! Still ...

You see I love fiction. I love to read it. And I loved writing it for many years. (I even sold a novel, "Fatal Games," Pageant Press, 1989) And I'd love to write another tale. But I don't want to payrepparttar 118008 price to print it. With a minimum order of a thousand copies at $4-$5/copy? (And don't talk to me about print-on-demand; I've been there and seen that.) So maybe an ebook. Maybe.

I've been saying this ever since I first heard ebooks. But I have never tried one. Now I'm going to do it. The risk?

About 40 hours and 40 bucks. I've a dandy tale ready to go. Sure, all may go downrepparttar 118009 drain. In which case, I'll really know. But there's that outside chance, likerepparttar 118010 40-1 long shot inrepparttar 118011 race, that at least *some* people *will* read fiction inrepparttar 118012 ebook format. So I'm going to ...

Go To BizMinisites.Com (The sales pitch is at )

They have a neat plan for mini-site builders. You get 500K of disk and lots of supporting extras, all for $9.95 per quarter. Heck, that's not much more than $3/month. And it's a smooth running service. Great download times. You don't even need a domain name, but you can use one if you like.

Next Stop? GoTo.Com

I'll hunt uprepparttar 118013 keyword suggestion tool at

I'll enter some obvious choices. "Male fiction" and "male adventure," for these arerepparttar 118014 catagories into whichrepparttar 118015 tale fits.

There's no telling how much time this will take, because I've simply got to find keywords actually being entered. Then select from those entered most oftenrepparttar 118016 ones that are as close torepparttar 118017 above as I can find. This is a critcal step, for there's no point optimizing a page for keywords nobody uses.

Then it's off to Google to enter my keywords there. I'll be looking at counts of pages that come up on each phrase, hoping to find some low. Those withrepparttar 118018 highest counts at GoTo (Demand), and lowest counts at Google (Supply) will becomerepparttar 118019 set of keywords I'll use.

Building Site Content

Here's whererepparttar 118020 time may fly. It takes a while to figure what to write about. Topics that work well withrepparttar 118021 keyword phrases selected. The home page will berepparttar 118022 sales presentation, withrepparttar 118023 major content that blurb you see onrepparttar 118024 backs of some paperbacks in bookstores. Something to hookrepparttar 118025 reader into wanting to readrepparttar 118026 book.

I haven't a fixed idea about actual content. Maybe something ofrepparttar 118027 task of writing inrepparttar 118028 male adventure genre. Some more about why it is no longer being published. I can't say until I have those keywords.

The object here is to have all pages point directly to male adventure or male fiction, thus creating a small theme site, currently popular with some search engines.

The catch is that it's tough to write an optimized page forrepparttar 118029 search engines that also works well with visitors. But it's got to happen. And it can take time. (For suggestions about creating such a page, send any email to )


Written by Bob McElwain

If you want to open a new business offline, here'srepparttar secret to success. First pickrepparttar 118005 business you want, find who is top dog, then open up right acrossrepparttar 118006 street from them.

For example, if you want a hardware business, identifyrepparttar 118007 best in town, open right next door, then jump in and beat those guys. If you can't manage this, don't open anywhere. Downrepparttar 118008 block and aroundrepparttar 118009 corner won't cut it. It will only take you longer to go broke.

You Must Beat The Competition Else Don't Compete

Many seem to feel that becauserepparttar 118010 Web is new, such a dynamic, yet-to-be-defined wilder beast, that even rules don't apply. And most who open an online business with such thinking, fail quickly.

Sure,repparttar 118011 Web is new. And it's dynamic. Exciting. All this and much, much more. Butrepparttar 118012 Law of Gravity has not been revoked. Nor haverepparttar 118013 fundamental "laws" of business. Further,repparttar 118014 need for common sense seems constant.

Perhapsrepparttar 118015 rule most often violated is to jump intorepparttar 118016 middle of a highly competitive market. Open up to sell office supplies, and watch and shut you down within days. Sell books, and watch Amazon.Com destroy you. There is ...

A Better Way

'Niche Marketing' isrepparttar 118017 key to minimizing competition. Offer sewing machine repair if you like. Most anything at all. But do not go head to head with giants. You'll lose.

Whatever product or service you choose to offer, it needs to be within a niche in which there is little or no competition. And you need to becomerepparttar 118018 top dog within this niche, at least over time. In doing so, you essentially eliminate competition. Or at least face none not easily beaten.

Findingrepparttar 118019 niche just right for you is not hard or difficult to do. But it does take time. Think time mostly. That is, you need to ponder among options being considered. And doing so for a few moments throughoutrepparttar 118020 day over time works a bunch better than sitting at a desk seeking to force a decision.

Whether you are new torepparttar 118021 Web or looking for an alternative to a business you already have, here is ...

A Great Way To Start

Sit back in a comfy chair withrepparttar 118022 brew of your choice in hand. Answerrepparttar 118023 following questions just as quickly as you can. Don't give any one of them much thought. Just grab a note pad and pencil. Then scribble as rapidly as you can.

What Kinds Of People Do You Like To Be Around?

Go ahead. Describe them briefly on paper.

Why does this matter? Because you're going to spend a lot of time with your customers, directly or indirectly. You have a much better chance of enjoying this time if you spend it with people you like. Conversely, working with those you dislike isn't going to make it.

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