PROVEN ways to get Traffic to YOUR Site

Written by Branko Rakic

What ever you do onrepparttar internet, you must bring traffic to your site. There are many reports, courses and ebooks written about internet marketing. Many of them are offering a magic or secret formula for quick and permanent traffic flow to you site.

Butrepparttar 125251 truth is a little different. As you knowrepparttar 125252 internet changes every day and sorepparttar 125253 promotional methods and tactics as well. The promotional techniques that worked a few years ago are more or less useless today.

For example let us see a FFA pages. Submitting to FFA pages was something you had to do to promote your site. Today, submitting to FFA pages is waste of time. The Big guys know that and use them in other purpose. They don't submit their ads to FFA pages and classified ad sites, but they own those sites. They use a simple and very effective technique.

Every time when someone submit an ad to that sites, they send him/her a conformation with their promotional message included. Atrepparttar 125254 same time they get their links onrepparttar 125255 thousands of other pages which brings them a better link popularity with search engines.

Submitting to search engines and directories is something you must do to promote your site. It's very hard to reach ranking inrepparttar 125256 top 20 listings on search engine or directory because they change their programs for indexing pages very often. So you must learn a lot about meta tags and their optimizing for better ranking onrepparttar 125257 search engines.

Onrepparttar 125258 other hand some search engines more then meta tags prefer a link popularity of your site - how many other sites have link to your site. My advice to you:

- provide a good content site and - do you meta tags properly.

Don't spend too much of your time in optimizing pages for search engines because there are still so many other ways to bring traffic to your site. But if you really want a high ranking though, you will need some work to do and some money to invest in a program that will help you to getrepparttar 125259 top rating.

Visit this .

Before continue, let us say a few words about domain names. Why you need your own domain name when you can get so many free pages as you want? Free pages are good for a personal or home page, but for building business onrepparttar 125260 web you need domain. Not having a domain isrepparttar 125261 biggest mistake you can make in creating business related web site. Domain is not just a name, it's much more: - it'srepparttar 125262 cheapest way to start your own business, - business people take you more serious - you are recognized onrepparttar 125263 web - you avoid disturbing banners from free web hosting companies. For $35 or less per year isrepparttar 125264 most effective way to become your own boss. If you want to run successful online business, buying a domain is your first and most important investment.

Starting your own ezine isrepparttar 125265 most important part in your internet marketing business. A Free ezine will generate instant traffic to your site. Submitting your site to search engines and classified ad sites is not enough to make dissent profit. There are not many sites where prospects make a purchase on their first visit.

6 Ways to Promote Your Online Business Using Promotional Items

Written by Candice Pardue

It's getting tougher than ever to compete online these days so more companies are taking a unique approach to Internet marketing ..... custom printed promotional products to help set them apart fromrepparttar competition and to gain customer loyalty.

If you have a business online, you can benefit tremendously by using promotional items. There's more to promotional products than just buying some printed pens, caps, t-shirts, or calenders. Here are 10 tips to show you how promotional products can help increase your web site traffic and keep your customers once they purchase from you.

1. Free Gifts to New or Loyal Customers

Promotional Items such as pens, calenders, mugs, keychains, etc. make great gifts to show your appreciation to new or loyal customers. When you give a customer something of interest for free, it adds value to your offer and it also reminds her/him of your company continuously! Remember, much obliged translates into


2. Incentive for Customer to Purchase More

You can give promotional items to your customers as an incentive for them to purchase more. Many times, customers will purchase only one item. You can offer a special gift torepparttar 125250 customer if he/she purchases an additional item.

For Example: If your company sells computers and printers, you might enhancerepparttar 125251 customer to buy a computer withrepparttar 125252 printer in a special discounted package and offer free items as a bonus, such as pens, mouse pads, office supplies, etc. Make sure itís something he/she can use; thatrepparttar 125253 gift matchesrepparttar 125254 style and value ofrepparttar 125255 product. If only a small percentage of customers per day take advantage of your bonus offer, imagine what it could mean to your bottom line! Itís that simple!

3. Bring New Visitors to Your Web Site

Do a campaign to bring more customers to your site. One ofrepparttar 125256 most successful methods to get potential customers to visit is to offer them something free of high perceived value. If you send out a weekly or monthly newsletter, you could offer a free mouse pad with each sign-up for your newsletter. Or, you could offer a free item to customers who fill out your online survey (one ofrepparttar 125257 most effective ways to find out what your customers really want from you).

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