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The first two lines are my affiliate link for an e-book that I co-wrote. Next I give details of my web site, to bring in traffic. Finally, I advertiserepparttar complete list of my articles. TIP: Write your resource box inrepparttar 125119 third person - for example *Dianne created and runs* rather than *I created and run*.

What can you write about? Anything that you can! What is your site about? Do you have a hobby? A job? Experience of life? There are web sites and ezines covering any topic you can think of - and webmasters are always onrepparttar 125120 lookout for new material. From aardvark breeding to zero gravity - they want your articles and expertise!

TOOLS You'll need a text editor program, not a word processing program. Why? Your WP program uses invisible control characters to store formatting information such as end of lines. Webmasters don't want these, as when they copy and paste them to their ezine or web page they'll cause errors. So use a text editor instead. Text editors don't give you all these formatting extras. Windows includes NotePad, but I preferrepparttar 125121 freeware NoteTab Light, from as it has many more features. If you want a spell checker, you'll need to upgrade torepparttar 125122 paid version.

You will also need an auto-responder. You can store your articles so that publishers can send for an automatic e-mail copy. Some article banks only displayrepparttar 125123 title and outline, with a link to your auto-responder. I includerepparttar 125124 e-mail address of my *master list* atrepparttar 125125 end of every article. Both publishers, and their readers, can then send for other articles of interest to them. There are several free auto-responders onrepparttar 125126 web. I use GetResponse at - if you want ad-free e-mails, you can upgrade torepparttar 125127 paid version, otherwise your articles will all have a short ad atrepparttar 125128 start of each one.

FORMATTING You'll need to format your article so that it can be pasted right into a page or ezine - publishers are much more likely to use it. However great your content, having a huge editing task will stop many webmasters from choosing your work. Most ezines are formatted at between 60 and 70 characters a line. I format all my articles to 65 characters, to try and please as many people as I can.

If you have web links, includerepparttar 125129 full address, includingrepparttar 125130 *http://*, and make sure you have a space before and afterrepparttar 125131 link. That way they'll be clickable in e-mail programs and web browsers. Use *mailto:* before e-mail addresses forrepparttar 125132 same reason.

As well as your resource box, don't forget a copyright notice, such as *Copyright Dianne Reuby 2001* . (Use your own name, of course - unless you want me to getrepparttar 125133 glory!) Allrepparttar 125134 sites and mailing lists below allowrepparttar 125135 author to keeprepparttar 125136 copyright - always check this before submitting to a publisher you haven't used before.


There are two main methods - through mailing lists (e-mail) and article banks (web sites).

If you belong to mailing lists, you'll know how these work -you post either atrepparttar 125137 web site or by sending an e-mail torepparttar 125138 post address. The moderator sends outrepparttar 125139 posts to those who are subscribed torepparttar 125140 list. When you post to a free-content list, includerepparttar 125141 words ARTICLE SUBMISSION andrepparttar 125142 article title on your e-mail subject line.

"Promoting Your Business on CD"

Written by Kenny Love

Inrepparttar Music industry, whenever most independent musicians release a new recording today, a certain aspect of their promotion entails their distribution and giveaway of FREE samples of their music on a separate promotional compact disc. This serves as a 'teaser' in enticing prospects to then go to record stores to buyrepparttar 125118 full-length recording.

As 'writeable' promo discs can be purchased inexpensively at stores such as Wal-Mart, after whichrepparttar 125119 music samples are copied fromrepparttar 125120 hard drive torepparttar 125121 CD, or by using what is known as a CD burner (high-speed duplicator), it should come as no surprise that evenrepparttar 125122 most financially challenged musicians are now embracing this invaluable and well proven promotional aspect for bringing immediate attention to their music.

And, as this method has proven unanimously beneficial in terms of ease of finance, promotion and time, there is absolutely no reason that a similar process cannot also work for your own business, albeit, a few elements properly customized (be sure your computer's compact disc is a "writeable" type, and not simply a "readable" one).

As such, I am providing a "from start to finish" outline that you should find very effective, almost immediately, whether you wish to reach out to your prospects locally, regionally or nationally.

Hypothetically, let's say you are inrepparttar 125123 field of Cosmetology, and own and operate a hair salon. Though your industry has a ready-made market, with women repeatedly visiting on a regular basis, naturally, there is also a fair degree of competition from other salons in your area as well.

And, as such, you've noticed that your business sales and clients, have either begun to level off, stagnate or, possibly, even diminish. What can you quickly do to maintain and increase your clientele and, accordingly, your salon's income?

1. Why not take all ofrepparttar 125124 elements of your business, such as your weekly specials, information about your salon such as its history, your web site address, email address, regular prices, business hours, contact information, along withrepparttar 125125 various products and services you offer, then format them into attractive files and place them on compact discs for distribution?

Your prospects are certain to be pleasantly surprised with this new out-of-the-norm promotion method and anxious to see what surprise awaits them onrepparttar 125126 CD.

2. Next, consider allrepparttar 125127 businesses women might patronize, such as women's shoe stores, women's clothing stores, jewelry stores, supermarkets, mall stores, cosmetic stores, etc. Your goal is to consider businesses that are complementary to your own services, yet, are not in competition in any way.

3. Now, contactrepparttar 125128 store managers and/or owners, informing them that you are a fellow local business owner, and request to know if they will consider handing out your CD of information to their customers and/or clients who have computers and, hopefully, have Internet service. You might even request to enter into a barter agreement with these businesses, whereby, you distribute their sales information as well.

While all contacts you make might not be receptive to this idea, undeniably, you will acquire more than a few who will be interested, if for no other reason thanrepparttar 125129 opportunities to offer their customers a little something extra and/or to get their own business information intorepparttar 125130 hands of new prospects (your customers) as well.

4. Also, be sure to not only consider distributing your CDs hand-to-hand on your own, always having them available on your person ready to hand out, but also having them available at your salon to give to your existing and new customers.

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