Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

Duringrepparttar early times, when machines were not yet capable of doing human chores,repparttar 144800 art of printing was done by hands. Everything has to be written. Imagine working and doing things manually like writing your report and having to rewrite them over and over to make copies. Pretty exhausting, isn’t it?

But then,repparttar 144801 typewriter made a dramatic appearance inrepparttar 144802 printing industry. Although slow and manually operated, it was considered as one ofrepparttar 144803 greatest invention that time. Making writing an easy task, it immediately tookrepparttar 144804 place of handwriting and was a big success. The only thing that people had to do is click onrepparttar 144805 desired keys. Better than handwriting.

Next camerepparttar 144806 Xerox machine. It made printed materials available to everyone. The task of making copies was cut into half as this machine gave reproduction another meaning. Duplicates can be made from a single copy. The Xerox machine revolutionizedrepparttar 144807 repetition of prints that were usually manually done over and over to producerepparttar 144808 desired number of copies. This machine made printing a menial task of putting a copy inside it and wait.

Comesrepparttar 144809 computer, with its soft buttons and wide screen and of course, its printer. Prints can now be seen clearly. Mistakes corrected without gettingrepparttar 144810 paper dirty and can even help with your spellings and grammar. All that needed to be done is to inputrepparttar 144811 number of copies required, push a button and then after a few minutes, copies done.


Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

While planning to go on vacation with friends, you decide to ask some travel agencies for famous vacation destinations. One travel agent calls you and started suggesting destinations, giving descriptions of attractive spots, going over and overrepparttar details. But another travel agent did not call. Instead, he sends you pamphlets and brochures of prospective destinations. Looking atrepparttar 144799 photos made you want to go on vacation soonest. The clear and colorful shots maderepparttar 144800 picture look so real that you could not wait any longer…

Asrepparttar 144801 need for fresh and exciting products arises inrepparttar 144802 market, printing companies have developed ultra modern technologies dealing with graphics, designs and printing revolutionizes media and advertisements. Not only that, with these concepts comesrepparttar 144803 most challenging part, cost reduction while remaining effective torepparttar 144804 consumers. Meeting this challenge made them come up with laser printers and colored inks, etc. That does not stop there. Competitions alongrepparttar 144805 way adds spice to this challenge as they try to do better things that others have not done yet. The people get allrepparttar 144806 benefits from this competition as they get to try more new things. They get to be introduced to new concepts.

Using state-of-the-art printing equipments, printing companies can now put into paper real-life pictures that people can now feel like they are seeing places and even people for real. With this development, still life is given life and color and not to mention, precision. What were considered boring and bland before are now trends. The companies, trendsetters.

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