Written by Jean Fritz

Harry,repparttar young Prince of Wales, recently dressed as a Nazi SS officer to attend a costume party. He caught hell for his foolishness and insensitivity inrepparttar 132234 British press, andrepparttar 132235 story made international headlines as well.

What makes this story ironic is that Adolf Hitler’s premise in building a “master race” hinged onrepparttar 132236 theory of eugenics –repparttar 132237 pseudo-science of improvingrepparttar 132238 human race through judicious breeding inrepparttar 132239 same way stock-keepers hybridize animals and botanists hybridize plants. Historically, royalty has such a strong history of inbreeding, with its concomitant genetic defects, that Harry andrepparttar 132240 rest ofrepparttar 132241 royals would be high on Hitler’s hit list.

Prince Harry’s heritage is showing. His father, Prince Charles, has a history of doltish behavior and has never evidenced signs of good judgment or insight. Like his son, he appears oblivious torepparttar 132242 reactions of those around him; reading any of Diana’s biographies

My All Natural Oasis

Written by Randy Martin

My All Natural Oasis

About 7 years ago, I decided that my budget could stretch, just enough, to fulfill my lifelong dream of owning my own hot tub. Like most perspective spa owners, my biggest concern was whetherrepparttar hassle of adding and mixing all those toxic chemicals that (I used to believe) are necessary for clean spa water was really worthrepparttar 132232 pleasure of after-work escapes into my personal “oasis”.

After all, who dreams of an oasis comprised of a hot chemical soup, with labor involved in starting and maintaining it? It is kind of counteractive torepparttar 132233 fantasy if you think about it like that. It would be more of a mirage than an oasis, if you ask me.

I began to brood over other possibilities as I let my skepticism simmer. What if I developed a rash or an allergic reaction to those artificial additives? I mean, my pores would be more open and vulnerable then, and that could really “put me in hot water”.

Then a friend of mine told me about an all-natural, enzyme based formula that was designed to maintain crystal-clear spa water, and sanitize, without chemicals. The amazing thing is that it only needs to be added once every three months. Nothing else has to be added, ever. No testing, labor, or supplements are required with normal use. The enzymes do it all for you and it is 100% safe and nontoxic.

If you think I was cynical before, I certainly was then, because this sounded too good to be true. Nevertheless, I decided to take my friends word for it. I brushed that skeptical angel off my shoulder and went out to purchase my steamy indulgence. To my delight, my friend’s testimony and my dream came true. I hadrepparttar 132234 hot tub I always wanted and none ofrepparttar 132235 worries or hassles that I feared.

The product is called “Spa Magic” and it is no misnomer. In 3 words: I loved it. To quote an old Norelco ad, “I liked it so much, I boughtrepparttar 132236 company”. Actually, I liked it so much I started my own company to distribute these great products.

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