Written by Judy Thompson

Copyright 2005 Judy Thompson

Throughout most of my life, I have heard that “You are what you eat!” Then later, as I became more knowledgeable about nutrition, it became “You are what you eat, digest, and absorb!”

Our world is changing daily. Overrepparttar yearsrepparttar 149875 quality of our food supplies has also changed. Your grandparents, and possibly even your parents, would purchase food fromrepparttar 149876 grocery store that was not so heavily-laden with chemicals as it is today. Or, perhaps, they grew much of their own food.

I spent several years growing my own vegetables and then either canning or freezing many of them. They were grown organically, chemical free, and were delicious. While at that time of my life, I just heard that “organic” was better for you, I didn’t know much about why “organic” was better for you. But I did know things tasted better.

Basically,repparttar 149877 same thing rings true with our meats. The cows that used to roam freely inrepparttar 149878 pasture, getting most of their nourishment fromrepparttar 149879 grass, went torepparttar 149880 locker plant mostly chemical free. Today they graze on grass that is heavily fertilized and had weed killers used on it. They are fed grains with chemicals added to help them put on weight faster.

So, even ifrepparttar 149881 consumer is trying to purchase purely healthy-type foods, there are some increased health risks because ofrepparttar 149882 added chemicals.

However, I believe thatrepparttar 149883 biggest health problems are brought about by what choices consumers make. When I go torepparttar 149884 super market, I see grocery carts stacked torepparttar 149885 brim with hot dogs, white breads, sweets, potato chips, soft drinks and other items that do nothing positive for a person’s health! In many cases,repparttar 149886 person pushing that shopping cart, is extremely overweight.

And thenrepparttar 149887 same people who stack their grocery carts with junk food wonder why they develop health problems. While genetics does play a certain role in people’s health, most diseases and illnesses are nutrition related.

Even people who have been careful with what they eat will be subjected to chemicals in their food and environmental pollutants. Do you ever paint, fertilize your grass, or use chlorine bleach in your home? If you don’t have a water filter on your shower head, you will be absorbing some chemicals each time you shower. Is your drinking water filtered? Thus, evenrepparttar 149888 people with good nutrition habits will findrepparttar 149889 need to detoxify and get rid ofrepparttar 149890 poisons that have accumulated in their bodies overrepparttar 149891 years.

Eliminate Troubling Back Pain and Eye Strain Associated With Heavy Computer Use

Written by Roger Williams

Copyright 2005 Roger Williams

Do you rememberrepparttar old saw about how computers would change our lives forrepparttar 149874 better? We’d have more time to ourselves and lead healthier, happier lives. The truth is computers do make processing information lightening fast. It’s just that today, we have so much more information to process and so many more distractions thatrepparttar 149875 computer, viarepparttar 149876 Internet, has brought into our lives.

The bottom line? Today we spend more time operating a computer (for fun and for profit) than on any other single pastime save for maybe sleeping. And if you’re a heavy computer user like me, even sleep takes a back seat to computer use every now and then.

There are health hazards to continual computer use. Personally I’ve suffered from back and shoulder pain, eye strain and numbness in my fingers. I've even had to deal with stiff joints and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. None of this was any fun.

But I did learn a few things important enough to pass along to you today. Here are some things you can do right now to reduce or eliminate stress on our body while operating your computer.

Neutral Body Positioning

Consider a comfortable working posture with a natural alignment of all your joints from head to toe. This method of neutral positioning helps you reducerepparttar 149877 stress and strain on your muscles, tendons, and skeletal system thus reducingrepparttar 149878 risks of developing a musculoskeletal disorder (MSD).

Quick Tips - Your Body Posture

Your hands, wrists, and forearms should all be in a row, straight, and almost parallel torepparttar 149879 floor.

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