PPC For Dummies - Part One Of Two

Written by Scott Van Achte

Forrepparttar beginner, understanding PPC (Pay Per Click) services can be utterly confusing. With so many search engines to choose from, and so many options within each one: different billing schemes, different terminology, and different techniques for ranking inrepparttar 127977 top spot,repparttar 127978 learning curve is quite substantial. So why would anyone go torepparttar 127979 trouble?

For quite some time now Google has beenrepparttar 127980 primary source for web search. Nearly everyone who has ever use a computer has either used or at least heard of Google. But asrepparttar 127981 Florida update has shown us, free placements inrepparttar 127982 search engines are not as stable as we would like them to be. Sure after an algorithm change we can go back torepparttar 127983 drawing board figure outrepparttar 127984 newest line of attack, re-optimize a site, and bring back that first page placement, but how much traffic and sales are lost as a result ofrepparttar 127985 down time?

When it comes to most PPC campaigns you can be sure of one thing: Your rankings are stable. When you go to bed, you know that when you wake uprepparttar 127986 next morning you placements will still be there. Now, of course in many cases you may be out bid in overture and find your self slipping a couple of notches, but after a quick adjustment to your maximum bid, you're back in contention. This is a far cry fromrepparttar 127987 potentially months lost after slipping, in some cases offrepparttar 127988 charts, intorepparttar 127989 dark abyss of positioning intorepparttar 127990 thousands.

Google is not going away any time soon, so it is still very important to optimize and try to get those top placements regardless of whether or not you wish to pursue a PPC campaign. If you are ranking well on Google, in many cases it is still well worth it to pursue PPC placements as well to get that extra exposure. With a PPC campaign its important to remember that it isn't always as simple as paying top dollar to dominaterepparttar 127991 number one spot. Regular tweaking and maintenance will be required.

So what is involved in achieving top spot in a PPC campaign?

Google Adwords Your Google AdWords Ad is given a ranking value by multiplying your maximum Cost Per Click (CPC) with your current Click Through Rate (CTR) and ads are sorted according.

For AdWords you must constantly monitorrepparttar 127992 performance of your keywords and ads. Ifrepparttar 127993 CTR of your keywords begin to slip then your position will most likely drop, and its time to either re-write your ads to draw attention, adjust your max CPC, or a combination of both. What will work best, depends on a variety of variables; your CTR, current CPC, how competitive your keyword phrase it, andrepparttar 127994 wording in your competitors ads. Remember you want to stand out asrepparttar 127995 obvious best choice.

Looksmart Looksmart has a PPC Service that is somewhat different than AdWords and Overture. With Looksmart you write your own title and ad text for your listing and pay a set rate of 15 cents per click. The ranking order for listings is "based solely on their relevance to a user's search as determined by LookSmart's proprietary search algorithm. Payment does not influencerepparttar 127996 appearance or rank ofrepparttar 127997 listings inrepparttar 127998 Reviewed Web Sites section." - Looksmart

Do you submit your website to all the Search Engines?

Written by Jeremy Gossman

Should you submit your website to allrepparttar Search Engines?

by Jeremy Gossman

There is really only one search engine to worry about submitting too and that is Google and you should only submit one page your main once and maybe a sitemap a week later but never more than once a week. If you have a link coming to your new site from a site that is currently listed in Google then Google will find you quicker.

Most importantly search engines that have any bearing will find you if Google has you listed. Not that there are not any other worth while search engines. There are just many that look to Google. If you have a non comercial website you will want to look into DMOZ for a seperate submission.

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