PPC Definitions

Written by S. Housley

Pay-Per-Click marketing has become an online phenomenon, with marketers only paying for traffic they receive. As Internet marketing has evolved, pay-per-click is seen by many asrepparttar middle ground between paying per impression and paying per sale. Advertisers only pay when they receive traffic that may or may not be targeted.

The pay-per-click advertisements are usually displayed withrepparttar 147194 advertisement fromrepparttar 147195 highest paying bidder inrepparttar 147196 top position.

Navigatingrepparttar 147197 complex web of Internet marketing, publishers and marketers are often confronted with terms that seem foreign. This simple guide will assist marketers in navigatingrepparttar 147198 Pay-Per-Click marketing model.

Bid - The amount that an advertiser is willing to pay for a click on a specific keyword.

Budget - The amount of money that an advertiser sets aside for an advertising campaign. Different publishers allow for advertisers to set daily, weekly or monthly budgets.

Clickthrough Rate (CTR) - The percentage of clicks on a link. This is usually a percentage based onrepparttar 147199 total number of clicks divided byrepparttar 147200 number of impressions that an advertisement has received.

Conversion Rate - The relationship between visitors to a web site and actions considered to be a "conversion", such as a sale or request to receive more information:repparttar 147201 percentage of people whose clicks have resulted in a sale or desired action in relation torepparttar 147202 total number of clicks on an advertisement.

Cost Per Click (CPC) - The cost or cost-equivalent paid per click-through to an advertiser's website.

Get your blood sugar down

Written by Sidhartha Gautam

There is good news for type 2 diabetics. The Indian herb Salacia oblonga taken along with meals brings downrepparttar insulin and blood sugar to normal levels. The positive aspect of this herb is that alongwith controllingrepparttar 146984 blood sugar, it preventsrepparttar 146985 body from gainingrepparttar 146986 unwanted weight, normally associated with type 2 diabetic patients.

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