PPC Bid Management Software Showdown

Written by Kalena Jordan

If youíve been keeping up withrepparttar search engine industry lately, youíll know that Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a fast growing trend. Nearly all ofrepparttar 128168 major search engines and directories have now integrated one type of PPC or another into their search results. Atrepparttar 128169 moment Overture.com (formerly GoTo) isrepparttar 128170 clear leader inrepparttar 128171 PPC field, with an estimated 90% ofrepparttar 128172 total PPC search market. But others such as FindWhat, Kanoodle and eSpotting are slowly catching on. Overture currently has partnerships in place with Yahoo, AOL, AV, Lycos, Netscape, InfoSpace, MSN and Excite. People bid to purchase keywords from Overture andrepparttar 128173 top 2 or 3 bids (called Premium Listings) appear on their partner sites when searches are conducted for those keywords. Most ofrepparttar 128174 time, Overture results appear above regular search results as "sponsored matches", so you can see how effective this type of campaign can be when used to draw targeted traffic to a web site. Whenever a viewer clicks on a sponsored listing, they are taken torepparttar 128175 advertiserís site andrepparttar 128176 advertiser is charged forrepparttar 128177 click atrepparttar 128178 rate determined by their bid on Overture.

The main drawbacks to advertising on PPC engines to date have been:

a) The quick exhaustion of funds due to large traffic volume

b) The time consuming nature of bid rank analysis for multiple keywords

c) The impact of bid gaps on cost-effectiveness (when your bid is more than it needs to be to maintain your target rank).

When you are managing PPC campaigns for hundreds of keyword sets for multiple client sites, these problems are compounded. Fortunately, software has sprung up to help people manage their PPC campaigns and automaterepparttar 128179 bidding process.

We have reviewed eight of these Bid Management Software programs in our effort to findrepparttar 128180 one right for our client campaigns and thought weíd sharerepparttar 128181 results with you:

(Please note a more detailed version of this article, including a Software Features Chart can be viewed at our site here: http://www.high-search-engine-ranking.com/PPC_Bid_Management_Software_Showdown.htm)

1. Tangareís Pay Per Click Maximiser www.tangare.com

The Pay Per Click Maximiser is a great product. A downloadable desktop program, no monthly fees, plenty of keywords and a good price forrepparttar 128182 Standard edition (USD $199 for 500 keywords). It supports FindWhat, Kanoodle and eSpotting in conjunction with Overture US & UK and allowsrepparttar 128183 user to determinerepparttar 128184 bid update frequency. Other notable features includerepparttar 128185 ability to export reports to Excel, HTML and email.

My only real problem with this program isrepparttar 128186 Interface, which tends to be confusing, (all that gray on gray) and not very intuitive. There is a help menu, but on first launch, it is not clear where to start or how to launch a new project. The "manage search terms" tab is also a little user unfriendly, but once you studyrepparttar 128187 help menu to determine how to set your rank targets and bid limits, youíre off and running. Their free trial download simulatesrepparttar 128188 bid optimization process, but is otherwise fully functional. Score 8/10

2. Click Patrol www.clickpatrol.com

Click Patrol claim to berepparttar 128189 largest provider of automated Pay-Per-Click bid management services, but I canít see any redeeming features that differentiaterepparttar 128190 service from other providers. For starters, it is Internet based, so if you are security conscious, you may not likerepparttar 128191 idea of handing over your Overture account login details to a third party provider. Then there arerepparttar 128192 monthly fees, which arerepparttar 128193 most expensive of all programs reviewed, ranging from $100 to $500, with an extra fee per keyword if you want your bids checked more often than every 24 hours. Seerepparttar 128194 Features Chart for details. They do support seven ofrepparttar 128195 major PPC engines and I hear their "Auto Position" feature works well to close price gaps, but there is no free trial of their system that I could find, only case studies and a screen capture. Score 5/10

3. Gapster www.did-it.com/gapster

Withrepparttar 128196 release of their freeware bid optimization tool Gapster, Did-it had an opportunity to win hearts and capitalize on a thankful market. It sure sounded promising: free automatic bid monitoring & updating for 200 keywords on Overture US & UK, FindWhat and Kanoodle.

Unfortunately, they chose to abuserepparttar 128197 privacy of their customers and win enemies for their trouble. As reported by Danny Sullivan in his latest Search Engine Update newsletter, beta users of Gapster allegedly had their Overture account login details published onrepparttar 128198 Internet last month, care of one of Did-itís own servers. The security breach was quickly corrected, butrepparttar 128199 damage to Did-Itís reputation was already done. Mindful of this first impression clouding my judgment, I tried to downloadrepparttar 128200 beta version to verifyrepparttar 128201 product itself and give themrepparttar 128202 benefit ofrepparttar 128203 doubt. But at time of writingrepparttar 128204 download was unavailable due torepparttar 128205 software undergoing an update. Letís hope their updating their security protocols. Score 0/10

4. Save Per Click www.saveperclick.com

Another Internet based program, Save Per Click supports more PPC engines than any ofrepparttar 128206 other products we reviewed, Nine in total, including some Iíve never heard of. They offer a free 7day trial, but you need to have an account already in place at one ofrepparttar 128207 supported PPC engines. This is a fairly straightforward program, but my major gripe is price andrepparttar 128208 inability to pre-determine bid update frequency, although you CAN choose time of day. The monthly fee ranges from $19.95 to $89.95 forrepparttar 128209 Standard edition (updates once a day) and $59.95 to $199.95 forrepparttar 128210 Pro edition (updates once an hour). Price range is determined by number of keywords. Seerepparttar 128211 Features Chart for details. Score 6/10

SEO Sales Letter - But WAIT! If You Order Now!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

The majority of my income comes doing Search Engine Optimization, positioning, research and marketing for small business. I spec- ifically targeted this demographic, knowing that many small business owners cannot afford to play inrepparttar big leagues with major internet companies. Many large corporations spend $3,500 to $10,000 monthly to gain and then maintain good search engine positioning so that they rank well in key search phrases related to their products online.

Many major retailers spend those monthly amounts on multiple segments of their web site to maintain market share of comparable product sales, knowing that their competition is doingrepparttar 128167 same with their web copy.

But my customers are very oftenrepparttar 128168 one-person shop in whichrepparttar 128169 owner does it all, including building and maintaining their web site! When they come across my articles discussing SEO techniques in small newsletters, they'll contact me asking what I can do for them within their marketing budget. That budget, more often than not, is less than what they spend monthly on their yellow page phone book ads or their (very small) office rent.

Faced with that level of spending, I knew that I would have to do high-volume of work in order to make a living. What I decided to do was to create an online tutorial that explains in detail how to go about achieving good search positions. That tutorial would rank well inrepparttar 128170 search engines for allrepparttar 128171 phrases relevant to Search Engine work and attract lots of customers seeking to improve their business online.

What I expected was harried business owners too pressed for time to do reading to find out how to improve their own search engine rank. They'd come seeking information on metatags, keyword density, linking campaigns, page architecture and when they arrived, they'd realize it would take them more time than they could afford to effectively learn and implement those ingredients into their sites. The idea was to offer lots of free information for them to read, then when they find out how complexrepparttar 128172 work is, they would say, "Ummm, I'm too busy this week, could you do it for me?"

What I got was harried business owners too pressed for time to read all that FREE information provided in hundreds of pages which I already offer FREE. Not surprisingly, they DO then ask me to do it for them, but being frugal and diligent, they ask me HOW I do it after they hire me - through voluminous email during my work for them. Sometimes they ask me how to do it before they hire me, at which point I tell them that it is all in my search engine tutorial and they can read it for them- selves. The address is . . .


But then they remember that they don't haverepparttar 128173 time to do it and agree to pay me for my services and let me beginrepparttar 128174 work. Duringrepparttar 128175 job, they will look at what I've done on their site and ask "Why doesrepparttar 128176 change ofrepparttar 128177 order and frequency of words on my page effect my search engine rank?" Then I refer them back torepparttar 128178 tutorial.

Even though I provide a report atrepparttar 128179 conclusion ofrepparttar 128180 job, clients askrepparttar 128181 same questions repeatedly as I am working and I've decided to short-circuit that experience by providing a parody of a sales letter for all potential clients to read before they hire me. It's all meant in fun, but helps silence those who ask lots of questions as I work. A typical email:

"My main intent is to be able to get intorepparttar 128182 search engines. I want to be able to submit to Yahoo, payrepparttar 128183 submission fee (UGH!) and get in for sure with a decent ranking. Will you explain how to do this when you write your report?"

I'll explain it right now and makerepparttar 128184 report shorter.

I want to be certain you understand that there's a big difference between search engines and directories. Yahoo is a human reviewed directory - nothing can be done to influencerepparttar 128185 reviewers short of quality content and submission torepparttar 128186 proper category, that is

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