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Don't Pay Too Much

Written by Stephen Brennan

Having been involved in Affiliate marketing for while I have seen a number of ‘newbies’ start out on their ‘online adventure’ paying far too much for basic Internet facilities. Every now and then, I feel an overwhelming need to make a couple of important things known torepparttar thousands who, every day, make their first step towards Affiliate Marketing or other Home Based Business.

It seems, as with many things in life,repparttar 108231 new, uninitiated or young tend to give in to excitement and their urge to 'get moving' by using or buyingrepparttar 108232 first facility that comes along. A fatal and costly mistake, especially onrepparttar 108233 Internet, where there are so many who are comfortable with selling something for more than it is worth compared to other options available. To begin with, you need an Internet presence to be online at all, sorepparttar 108234 first thing is a Domain name. Domains (the 'address' of your website - like a phone number) can be chosen by using one ofrepparttar 108235 many facilities available to see if your choice is available (experience shows shorter domain names are more 'user friendly' and more easily remembered, obviously).

To checkrepparttar 108236 availability of a suitable domain name, go to: http://www.mydiscountdomains.com and select a domain name which is available. As a home based businessperson, it doesn't matter if you userepparttar 108237 .com, .net, .biz or any ofrepparttar 108238 other types of domains. You just can't use those like '.gov' that are reserved for specific types of website (.gov is obviously for Government concerns and Departments etc). At this time, I recommend '.biz' as it still hasrepparttar 108239 largest number of domain names available compared to '.com' or '.net'. A basic domain should not cost more than $20, but can be as little as $8, so shop around.

Having done this, you need to get your domain onto a Host Server. This basically means you have to have it 'installed' onto a public access server (notrepparttar 108240 same as your Internet Service Provider like AOL - ISP's just supply access torepparttar 108241 Net - they don't 'host' domains) so people can access it or 'dial' it up. You need a Web Hosting company to do this and these offer a myriad of different plans and prices for allrepparttar 108242 different needs ofrepparttar 108243 industry. As a Home Based Business just starting out, you don't need a terrible lot of anything to begin with, sorepparttar 108244 plan you choose should be quite reasonably priced. As little as $3 per month will get you up and running easily, with allrepparttar 108245 features you're likely to need.

The first consideration is 'Disk space'. This isrepparttar 108246 same asrepparttar 108247 room on you PC's hard drive, in that it simply meansrepparttar 108248 amount of space you will have available onrepparttar 108249 server to put your website, with it's different pages and images etc. To start with, you don't need any more than 100 - 200 megabytes (each average web page takes about 20 - 40kb plus images, which are often used on many different pages, like your logo, 'header image’ or navigation buttons).

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