PHP, my favorite Server-side Programming Technology!

Written by Muhammad Umair

If you are a beginner web designer, most probably you have had facedrepparttar difficulty to having some dynamic contents on your site, Just think about a small Guest book, some form to be submitted directly from your site, some dynamic results based on userís previous actionÖÖ. All impossible with simple html! Although Java scripts can do some of your dynamic works, like automatic form submission by email etc, but this is just client side (all work done onrepparttar 131648 computer have your page loaded, means you canít save something to server), another option remains for you is to userepparttar 131649 3rd party ready-made services that enables you to installrepparttar 131650 dynamic contents on your site, with there half page annoying ads! Or you have to pay them a leg or an arm to remove their text and banners! So if you are serious about your web, its time to think about a tool that can store data on your web server, retrieve and process data directly on server and display justrepparttar 131651 final results (in simple html) on your visitorís PC. Itís certainly you are thinking aboutrepparttar 131652 Server-Side programming language. Nowrepparttar 131653 major question arise which technology to use? Every one wants to get maximum returns with minimum efforts. And if their isrepparttar 131654 same case with you, PHP isrepparttar 131655 most recommended solution. Let see, PHP: Php Hypertext Processor (a recursive acronym) currently most widely-used open source server-side programming language.

How the Rich Build a Profitable Website

Written by Aaron Kater

Howrepparttar Rich Build a Profitable Website

This article is geared mainly to those investors who either have a product to market and no website, or they have neither a product nor a website.

First, to those investors without either a product or a website. If you have no or very little money to invest in a new website, let me tell you about a great site that will let you build a brilliant website absolutely free. Yes, thatís right. will let you build a sizable website that will remain in existence forever, for free. All you have to do is invest a little time and effort in withrepparttar 131646 site wizard, and youíll have a great website in very little time.

If, onrepparttar 131647 other hand, you do have a little money, then you can simply sign up for a paid domain name in an upgraded account at After that, just market your website. See my previous article, Howrepparttar 131648 Rich get Rich Online, for details. After you get done marketing, you can sign up with affiliate websites and earn commissions. All of this is covered inrepparttar 131649 afore mentioned article, Howrepparttar 131650 Rich Get Rich Online.

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