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Your web host could be the reason why you are a sitting duck for a DDos attack

Written by Staff, Web-Host-Search

Just as we have been forced to face terrifying new terrorist attacks inrepparttar offline world that threatens our very way of life, online and less publicized dangers are an increasing and terrifying threat.

Few people realize that your choice of web host has a lot to do with just how secure your web site is going to be against attack. Even a simple assault from a lone hacker will tend to be easier with an unprepared web host with less resources and experience.

Butrepparttar 134335 real terror emerges from Ddos attacks or Distributed Denial-of-service attacks. Deliberately designed to elude detection by today's most popular tools, these attacks tend to be swift and come without any warning, leaving behind huge losses that can never be recouped. Microsoft lost an estimated $500 million in just a few days from a Ddos attack onrepparttar 134336 site in January 2001. Of courserepparttar 134337 costs go way beyond simple monetary terms. Because site performance is compromised,repparttar 134338 business ends up with frustrated customers.

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