PDA vs Laptops

Written by Ian Tham

PDA vs Laptops


The marketplace for mobile devices  is always evolving.

PDA can now do a myriad of functions from email, web browsing,Wi-Fi, cameras, music, mobile telephony, word processing, spreadsheets, GPS and many more

A PDA scores in these areas:

  • The trend is towards smaller and smaller handheld gadgets.
  • Its small size allowing you to carry it anywhere with convenience. You can just slip it in your pocket and when there is a need just pop it out and do your work or play. A typical PDA  weighs less than 200 grams compared to an ultra -light notebook which weighs at least a kilogram.
  • When you are out inrepparttar field for critical operations ,repparttar 149894 last thing you need is a laptop out of power. A normal laptop lastsrepparttar 149895 most 5 or 6 hours whereas some PDA accommodate AAA batteries which easily last for a month. You won't fall flat during critical operation.
  •  A PDA is understandably cheaper than a laptop. A PDA can cost 500 dollars whereas Laptops can cost as much as $ 3,000. PDA software is also more affordable than Laptop software.

XBOX 360 vs. PS3: an in depth look

Written by Tony James

All gamers are awaitingrepparttar release ofrepparttar 149732 Xbox 360 andrepparttar 149733 PS3. This article takes an in depth look at howrepparttar 149734 two systems compare.

Graphics: Everyone has seen an Xbox and a PS2 in action and we are all waiting to see which ofrepparttar 149735 two next generation consoles forrepparttar 149736 two systems will haverepparttar 149737 edge when it comes to graphics. We have all seenrepparttar 149738 screenshots ofrepparttar 149739 games onrepparttar 149740 two systems but what about actual gameplay graphics. Despiterepparttar 149741 hot debate, when you look atrepparttar 149742 numbersrepparttar 149743 two systems use a different but equally effective method of delivering graphics processing power. The XBOX uses a custom ATI processor with 48 graphics pipelines andrepparttar 149744 PS2 has a custom NVIDA graphics processor with an estimated 24 pipelines. The numbers are misleading becauserepparttar 149745 PS2 piplines are more powerful thanrepparttar 149746 XBOX pipelines. Inrepparttar 149747 endrepparttar 149748 two different graphics processors will deliver aboutrepparttar 149749 same amount of power, we can expect to see impressive results from both sides.

Games: Both systems have several franchise titles such as Halo2 forrepparttar 149750 XBOX and Gran Tourismo forrepparttar 149751 PS2 that you will see inrepparttar 149752 next generation systems, but what other games can you expect to see. If you are a fan of genres such as role playing that are dominated by Japanese and other foreign developers such as Square, you should look forward torepparttar 149753 PS3. There is no indication thatrepparttar 149754 XBOX 360 is going to gain much more support from foreign developers and buyers thanrepparttar 149755 original XBOX. An article on GameSpot.com reports that only two percent of Japanese gamers are interested in buying an XBOX 360, with sixty percent looking forward torepparttar 149756 PS3 and eight percent torepparttar 149757 Nintendo Revolution. Overall you can expect to see more games onrepparttar 149758 PS3 thanrepparttar 149759 XBOX 360, reflectingrepparttar 149760 selection forrepparttar 149761 current generation systems. Only time will which console will haverepparttar 149762 quality of games which all of us are been expecting

Media Type: Willrepparttar 149763 media storage type be a factor inrepparttar 149764 quality ofrepparttar 149765 games? Since PS3 is owned by Sony and BLUray is Sony’s next high definition storage medium,repparttar 149766 PS3 games will be stored onrepparttar 149767 BLUray discs which hold approximately 54 gigs. The Xbox 360 games will be stored on Double Layer DVDs which store 9 gigs. Obviouslyrepparttar 149768 BLUray discs can store a lot more data, but atrepparttar 149769 current stage of game development, any game developed will fit just as well onrepparttar 149770 9 gig DVDs, so this is not a major factor but one that may come into play later on.

Processing Power: How dorepparttar 149771 two systems compare when looking at brute processing power? The PS3 uses a Cell processor with a PowerPC-based core with seven synergistic processing units whilerepparttar 149772 Xbox comes with a Custom IBM PowerPC CPU with three dual-threaded cores that can handle six total threads at a time. An important comparison to look at isrepparttar 149773 number of dot product calculations per secondrepparttar 149774 systems can perform. The reason this number is important is because it is used extensively during gameplay in 3d math to calculate various things such as vector lengths, projections, transformations, and more. Both systems are clocked at 3.2 Ghz. The PS3 can handle 51-billion dot product operations per second andrepparttar 149775 Xbox can handle 33.6. There is a debate over which system has more brute processing power and these numbers can be confusing torepparttar 149776 average person, but overall it seems thatrepparttar 149777 PS3 has an edge overrepparttar 149778 Xbox when it comes to overall processing power.

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