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" ofrepparttar marks of a paradigm shift is that what used to be considered peripheral, moves to center stage." (Thomas Kuhn)

What Thomas Kuhn is talking about, inrepparttar 136763 quote above, is a perfect example ofrepparttar 136764 major paradigm shift that has occurred inrepparttar 136765 peoples relationship to WORK. A paradigm can be defined as a commonly held belief . When I was growing up inrepparttar 136766 Midwest it was a paradigm (a commonly held belief) thatrepparttar 136767 road to a happy life was to:

  • get a good education,
  • get a good job with a big corporation
  • keep your nose clean
  • retire in 20 to 30 years with a secure income for life.
That belief in corporate America's willingness and/or ability to "take-care" of us, is no longer valid. Anyone still holding on to that old paradigm is headed for great disappointment and failure.

The only person you can depend on to take care of you in future years isrepparttar 136768 person you look at inrepparttar 136769 mirror inrepparttar 136770 morning....YOU! No government, no company or benevolent corporation (now there's an oxymoron) is going to be there for you.

Major underlying shifts have been occurring inrepparttar 136771 economy of America andrepparttar 136772 world. Corporate downsizing, layoffs, offshore production, government realignments, shifts from a manufacturing/hard industry economy to an information and service systems economy with allrepparttar 136773 accompanying displacement inrepparttar 136774 work force, NAFTA, WTO...repparttar 136775 list goes on and on.

All of these trends form a checklist of reasons for you to be taking ACTION today to assure your own financial well- being and security.

I am 60 years old....I do not expect Social Security to be around when I need it. The agency may be there (impossible to kill a bloated federal bureaucracy) but it will bear no resemblance torepparttar 136776 agency that has provided for our parents. The benefits to us will be a fraction of what it should be... filled with means testing, qualifiers, etc. that did not exist in previous years....and will not provide even a bare subsistence income.


Written by Thom Reece

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Three conditions now exist which will changerepparttar way we solicit and recruit new MLM downlines forever...

ONE: The CanSpam Act will bring mass email based recruiting efforts to a screaming halt. The risk, frankly, of being accused of sending spam is just too great. Violators ofrepparttar 136762 Act can be subject to stiff criminal penalties, which include fines and up to five years in prison. Civil damages can amount to as much as $250 per spam e-mail. Aggravated violations can cause civil damages to be tripled The days when we could buy a list of thousands of "opt-in" business opportunity seekers, plug them into an autoresponder follow-up system, and wait forrepparttar 136763 system to do its magic are drying up fast.

If you are currently using a system of buying bulk business opportunity leads from anyone... and loading them to your autoresponder system... you are playing a game of Russian Roulette. The only way to insulate yourself fromrepparttar 136764 very real risk of being charged underrepparttar 136765 Can-Spam Act is to generate your own double opt-in leads. There are too many unscrupulous lead vendors who will promise you thatrepparttar 136766 leads they sell are "opt-in" or "double opt-in"... when in fact they are neither. You have no way of knowing... so why risk bankruptcy or jail.

Some ofrepparttar 136767 major lead generation companies are already leavingrepparttar 136768 business. Those who remain, are forced to restructure how they generate and qualify those leads. Most are necessarily turning to a telephone verification system...which drivesrepparttar 136769 price ofrepparttar 136770 lead much higher.

TWO: The growing aggressiveness onrepparttar 136771 part of ISP's to use very restrictive filtering systems that toss out huge amounts of legitimate mail. Messages, which do not pass some arbitrary screening process for words and phrases, are summarily discarded or thrown into some "bulk mail" file. Time Magazine estimates between 40% to 70% of all email is dumped (filtered) BEFORE anyone receives it. 27% of all permission- based email never arrives inrepparttar 136772 recipient's mail box. The undelivered rate of email today is staggering...and getting worse.

Even legitimate newsletter publishers, with sophisticated "double opt-in" subscription systems, are complaining about non-delivered mail that is filtered out by a third party (ISP's). They are paying for a service that they are not getting (email delivery), and I fully expect some lawsuits to be filed on this issue soon.

THREE: Plummeting "open" rates. Tons of email that is delivered is simply discarded byrepparttar 136773 person receiving it because they are getting so much mail that it is overwhelming them. The very real fear of computer viruses also has played a major role in reducingrepparttar 136774 "open" rate. According to and Opt-in Newsrepparttar 136775 2003 open rate for ezines inrepparttar 136776 business-to-consumer category was a shocking 31%. This means that 69% did NOT open something that they opted-in to receive. The result... effectiveness of email marketing systems... measured by sales, profits, and conversions, are dropping like a rock.

"This is not about divorcing ourselves from technology, and allrepparttar 136777 benefits it has to offer... it is about building a comprehensive and synergistic approach to recruiting and downline building which recognizes, and uses,repparttar 136778 proven methods of multi-media direct-response advertising."

What'srepparttar 136779 answer???

Well, one solution, in addition to refining our web based recruiting efforts, is a return torepparttar 136780 old "tried & proven" offline methods, that many of us have gotten away from forrepparttar 136781 past few years,to generate our own lead base...

  • Targeted direct mail

  • Offline classified advertising

  • Offline display advertising

  • Coop post card decks

  • Publicity

  • Other effective direct-response advertising.
NOTE: All of these methods can be either "stand-alone" recruiting systems... or involve driving qualified traffic to a presentation website which has a lead capture mechanism built-in. This allows for an interested prospect to educate and identify themselves and request information and follow-up.


Targeted Direct Mail especially, is a wonderful tool for MLM distributors to both sell product and recruit and train new team members.

A common complaint, among those who are interested in using direct mail, isrepparttar 136782 learning curve involved in creating effective copy and offers, list selection, etc. In other words... direct mail requires some expertise to be effective.

It's amazing that, whenever a problem or a need exists... someone comes along to fill that need. Such isrepparttar 136783 case with producing high quality, MLM focused, direct mail...

Here is a claim made by a new downloadable product which promises: "Now, in only 3 Minutes You Can Quickly and Easily Create a Sales Letter Guaranteed To Recruit More Distributors and Explode Your Business... Without Writing!

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Remember thatrepparttar 136784 three key factors that affectrepparttar 136785 profitability of any direct mail effort are:

  • List

  • Price

  • Offer
To be sure...there are other variables and factors that are important torepparttar 136786 success or failure of a direct mail effort... butrepparttar 136787 key three are list, price, and offer.

If you need to polish up your skills inrepparttar 136788 area of direct response marketing you would do well to subscribe to several ofrepparttar 136789 major publications inrepparttar 136790 field: i.e. Target Marketing Magazine, DM News, Direct, etc. Also,repparttar 136791 Direct Marketing Association provides tons of great information. You'll find them easily by doing a search onrepparttar 136792 Google search engine.

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