Overview of Cozumel In Mexico

Written by Clint Leung

The island of Cozumel is only 12 miles (19 km) offrepparttar Mexican Yucatan Peninsula's east coast and 44 miles (71 km) south of Cancun. For years, Cozumel was a quiet sleepy island that didn't get many visitors until Jacques Cousteau did a documentary on it after discoveringrepparttar 139642 world class scuba diving atrepparttar 139643 Palancar Reefs nearby. Since 1961, Cozumel has been known as one ofrepparttar 139644 best scuba diving destinations inrepparttar 139645 world. In fact for decades since that time,repparttar 139646 only tourists visitingrepparttar 139647 island have been primarily scuba divers. Mainstream tourists went torepparttar 139648 resort intensive Cancun inrepparttar 139649 mainland instead. However, Cozumel became a regular cruise ship port of call in recent years and today it is one ofrepparttar 139650 busiest with two separate terminals. It is common to have five or even six different cruise ships at port on any given day. I've been to Cozumel twice,repparttar 139651 first time staying several days on a scuba diving vacation andrepparttar 139652 second time for a day via cruise ship (also scuba dived during my second visit).

As a result ofrepparttar 139653 cruise ship boom, there has been lots of retail development alongrepparttar 139654 main waterfront road of Avenida Rafael Melgar inrepparttar 139655 island's only town of San Miguel de Cozumel. There are countless jewelry and t-shirt shops most with staff standing inrepparttar 139656 entrances enticing visitors to enter their stores. Both silver and liquor can be good bargains here. There are also some nice Mexican crafts shops too. The one problem that we found was that after about 4 jewelry shops, they all started to lookrepparttar 139657 same. It was almost a retail overload. For those who came for a wilder time, there are some bars such as Carlos 'n' Charlie. The town's main outdoor square, Plaza del Sol, is just oppositerepparttar 139658 main ferry dock torepparttar 139659 mainland. There are usually street vendors and artists inrepparttar 139660 Plaza as well local entertainment during some evenings. The artists do some amazing artwork with spray paints and their prices are very reasonable. San Miguel's main tourist area can be very busy duringrepparttar 139661 day whenrepparttar 139662 cruise ship passengers are in town but since most ships depart at dinnertime,repparttar 139663 evenings are actually very quiet. The only tourists left at night tend to berepparttar 139664 scuba divers staying in Cozumel.

African experiences in the wild

Written by Dirk Wessels

I love nature and being outdoors and have had a couple of interesting experiences in South Africa. My South African friends seem to find my stories pretty interesting and even so much morerepparttar people I have met in Australia and other countries, so I thought Iíd put some of my experiences to paper.

Hyenas inrepparttar 139596 Transkei

A friend and I went torepparttar 139597 Transkei years ago withrepparttar 139598 intention of catching some fish for my marine fish tank. On arrival atrepparttar 139599 Hluleka game reserve my friend took outrepparttar 139600 beers and I went for a walk to see where I could snorkel. I found a little footpath running along siderepparttar 139601 coast and just followed it for a couple of hours. I walked past a small waterhole, but there were no animals around and I did not give it a second thought. Eventually I realized that it was getting late, so I ventured on back torepparttar 139602 camp. Byrepparttar 139603 time I got back torepparttar 139604 water hole, it was starting to get dark and as I passed a couple of trees withrepparttar 139605 water hole behind them, I got a sudden chill. It was strange because I donít believe I had seen anything yet, but I felt something was wrong. As I looked more closely into these trees, I noticed a blou wildebeest standing a couple of meters from me staring right at me. The only thing I could think was to continue as if nothing was wrong, so I kept on walking only to get a full view ofrepparttar 139606 water hole, which was now surrounded by animals. Forrepparttar 139607 most part it was a herd of blou wildebeest and a couple of buck/deer. But there were also a couple of hyenas onrepparttar 139608 hill onrepparttar 139609 other side ofrepparttar 139610 water hole and they seemed to be running towards me with their heads high inrepparttar 139611 air. Every story I had heard about hyenas said that they are cowards, but Iíd also heard that they haverepparttar 139612 second strongest set of jaws inrepparttar 139613 world and I was not happy with them running towards me. Nonetheless, I knew that I was still a long way fromrepparttar 139614 camp andrepparttar 139615 only thing I could do was to keep on walking, which I did with a renewed sense of urgency. Well, it only took a couple of steps beforerepparttar 139616 hyenas were right behind me. I donít think they ever came too close to me, though atrepparttar 139617 time it felt like they were on my heels, and I also think they probably turned around after a couple of meters. But this did not help me, I had heard that you should not turn your back on hyenas, so forrepparttar 139618 rest ofrepparttar 139619 way back torepparttar 139620 camp I continued turning around every few seconds to see ifrepparttar 139621 hyenas were still around. I got back torepparttar 139622 bungalow some time after 9:00pm and was truly exhausted from walking inrepparttar 139623 bush inrepparttar 139624 dark while trying to look behind me allrepparttar 139625 time. My friend, sitting in his jocks with a beer inrepparttar 139626 hand, was furious that I was away for so long and left him all alone inrepparttar 139627 bungalow. Funny thing, coz I was pretty furious that he never toldrepparttar 139628 game ranger that I had been gone for more than 6 hours!! Needless to say,repparttar 139629 rest ofrepparttar 139630 weekend was spent in and aroundrepparttar 139631 bungalow, drinking beer and eating crayfish!!

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