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When you train to much you simply won't grow from it and neither will increasing your sleep to make up forrepparttar overtraining work either. So how do we resolverepparttar 142084 overtraining problem, well it's quite simple just cut back on your working out by taking about two weeks off.

This is because when your not working out for two weeks your body will still grow for a period up to a week. But your probably still asking yourself how is this possible. Well think of it as this you've been working out for 8 to 12 weeks straight with maybe one or two days off in a week.

But guess what this is still not enough time forrepparttar 142085 whole body to grow. Because for that first week your body is still healing itself and catching up torepparttar 142086 working out you've done, so by taking this break you reducerepparttar 142087 risk of overtraining.

Now I'm not saying to go cheat on your diet, but when your on your break you can cut back on your protein and carbohydrates because your not going to be using these extra carbohydrates for energy.

Take a day to cleanse your body

Written by Boeafitness.com

It's important to take a day to cleanse your body so listed below is a routine that will assist you withrepparttar cleansing ofrepparttar 142083 body.


20 oz cup of water Cup of celery

Multi vitamin which will be taken every two hours


20 oz of water with a table spoon of lemon Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar


A cup of celery 20 oz of water with a B vitamin


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