Overeating during the Holidays

Written by Ryan Cote

They sayrepparttar average person gains 5 lbs duringrepparttar 135396 Holidays. You're tempted by tons and tons of food- good food- so it's no wonder you gain weight.

But don't despair...

I personally don't drive myself crazy duringrepparttar 135397 Holidays with what I eat. Don't get me wrong- I don't go overboard- but forrepparttar 135398 most part I eat what I want.

It'srepparttar 135399 Holidays- it's only once a year and is supposed to be a happy time. Don't eat yourself into oblivion, but enjoyrepparttar 135400 good food with a smile on your face.

But this is what I want you to do...

The Ultimate Weight Loss Red-Flag Guide

Written by Liz Guzzo, MS, RD., Mari Kudla

Weight Loss Red Flag Guide

Despite claims torepparttar contrary, there are no magic potions or effortless ways to burn off fat. There are thousands upon thousands of weight loss web sites, low carb diets, diet pills and other "so-called experts" that prey on desperate overweight people and use overly optimistic claims that get you to believe and buy into their flat out lies -- reaping billions of dollars each year while your left still overweight and looking for answers.

In an effort to help and keep you from falling victim torepparttar 135362 countless bogus weight loss claims of allrepparttar 135363 diet pills and many other weight loss products (essentially saving you money and time), here is a little guide that helps setrepparttar 135364 record straight as well as provide you with red flags to watch out for when researching or looking for weight loss help and support. A portion of this information is via The United States Federal Trade Commission...

If They Say ... "An easy plan for losing up to 13 pounds in two weeks with little or no exercise...A program to let you keep losing"

"These patients started losing weight as soon as they went onrepparttar 135365 diet withinrepparttar 135366 first week. These patients kept losing too...20, 30 even 50 pounds within months. They kept it off too."

Sorry, But The Truth Is ... Red Flag Claim 1 --

Lose two pounds or more per week (for a month or more) without dieting or exercise.

The Truth -- Meaningful weight loss requires consuming fewer calories and/or increasing exercise. Ads that promise substantial weight loss without diet or exercise are false. A claim is false if it states or implies that users can lose lots of weight fast without changing their lifestyles, even ifrepparttar 135367 ad doesn’t mention specific amounts of weight loss or time periods.

If They Say ... "Eat cake... a hamburger... toast with butter... and practically anything else you enjoy! This simple plan gets you thin - without sacrificing your favorite foods!"

"One of my overweight patients refused to give up his daily dish of ice cream. As a result ofrepparttar 135368 diet he lost 30 pounds quickly. His weight has stayed off even though he never exercises and he still has his daily ice cream."

"Lose weight by eating more meals! Astounding reason on page x..." "You decide how many pieces of meatloaf you want -- andrepparttar 135369 pounds still slip away!"

Sorry, But The Truth Is ... Red Flag Claim 2 --

Eat what you want! The more you eat,repparttar 135370 more you lose and we’ll show you how.

The truth -- It is impossible to eat unlimited amounts of food – any kind of food – and still lose weight. Any claim to that effect in an ad or commercial is false. Some products may help curb appetite or cravings. For these products, its okay to say people can eat what they want so long as it is clear fromrepparttar 135371 ad or commercial that people will not want to eat as much food as before they started usingrepparttar 135372 product.

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