Overcoming the Five Obstacles to Affiliate Success

Written by Bill Platt

Nearly every mass marketable product or service available online sports an Affiliate Program or MLM matrix to encourage small business people to sell those products or services to others.

For beginners inrepparttar online marketplace and even some pro's, these programs offerrepparttar 102553 best opportunity for earning substantial incomes to their participants.

Yet, despiterepparttar 102554 promise of Affiliate Programs and MLM's for making money online, fewer than 5% of all participants will ever be successful with them! Only one out of a hundred will ever earn more than $1000 per month fromrepparttar 102555 programs!

There are several factors contributing to these dismal numbers:

1. Failure to try 2. Failure to learn 3. Building sales without any concern about building a network 4. Building a network without any concern for sales 5. Failure to duplicate


Many people will argue this point. They argue that they tried andrepparttar 102556 program failed them. Yet, if you were to persist in your queries, most people's idea of trying is throwing a banner on their website or running one or two untested ads. Folks, that just does not cut it!

Being successful in an Affiliate Program, MLM program or anything else be it online or offline requires much more than a half-hearted, short-lived attempt at promoting a program.


Whatever endeavor is undertaken, success comes with knowledge. College is good at teaching folksrepparttar 102557 basics of hundreds of professions. Folks understand that in order to be a CPA, an attorney, a chemist, an engineer or any of a number of professions, they must learn a great deal of knowledge before they will be successful inrepparttar 102558 field.

Yet,repparttar 102559 same people will come online and believe they can turn onrepparttar 102560 computer and already know everything there is to know about running a successful online business.

To be successful as an online marketer, it helps to at least become acquainted with web design, graphics design, copy writing, marketing research, promotion, advertising, customer service and many other areas. It also helps to know about areas specific torepparttar 102561 Internet such as search engine optimization, web traffic patterns, direct email marketing, and networking with others.

As an online marketer, you should either have knowledge of these various disciplines or be prepared to hire on people who already possess these skills. Unless you have very deep pockets, you should be prepared to learn a few of these skills for yourself.


The largest advantage ofrepparttar 102562 Affiliate Program or MLM program isrepparttar 102563 ability to grow a network of affiliates underneath of you.

While you are able to sell a certain amount of products or services torepparttar 102564 consumer, a team of people who can sell just as many products or services as you can, will add to your full income potential. Due torepparttar 102565 nature ofrepparttar 102566 Affiliate Program andrepparttar 102567 MLM program, you will earn a small percentage from repparttar 102568 sales of all ofrepparttar 102569 people in your network of sellers.

3 Steps to Multiply Yourself Across the Web!

Written by Wes Blaylock

The real key to generating profits with minimal work is to learn how to multiply your efforts to get your message in front of thousands of potential customers!

It is a simple concept that money-driven marketers have used to put their businesses in overdrive and make tons of cash with very little effort.

Create a system that sells your product effectively, then duplicate that system many times over and basically double your money each time.

Think if you had 300 visitors per day, with a 2% sell through, selling a $49 product. That equals out to about $8,800 per month, give or take.

Now think if you could just duplicate that by multiplying yourself acrossrepparttar Internet. The idea is to do it without putting forth that much effort.

Anybody can duplicate themselves simply by working twice as hard, or twice as long. But who wants to work that much?

Below is a 3 step plan that I like to use to multiply my marketing efforts all overrepparttar 102552 net. Try it out for yourself and I bet you will be pleased!

1) Start an affiliate program

An affiliate program is probablyrepparttar 102553 easiest way to multiply your marketing efforts all acrossrepparttar 102554 Internet risk free.

Start an affiliate program and make it a significant part of your marketing strategy to generate traffic. Put forth some time and make your program a big hit, not just another program.

Set up your program to make it as easy as possible for affiliates to make a ton of money, whether they are newbies or professionals.

The more money your affiliates make,repparttar 102555 more money you make. Andrepparttar 102556 easier it is for your affiliates to make money,repparttar 102557 more they will promote and get others to promote. So don't just throw up any affiliate program, make it an incredible way to earn an income!

Here are a few things to remember when creating your affiliate program:

- Choose a professional software that gives affiliates commissions on all payment options (online orders, mail in orders, fax orders, etc..) Recently, affiliate programs who are not doing this are getting a lot of "bad mouth".

- Give reasonable commissions (25% and up)

- Give affiliates as many ways to link to you as possible, and make it a simple cut and paste procedure for them.

- Tell them exactly how to make money promoting your product!

These are a few key ingredients to a successful affiliate program. I will most likely be writing much more about affiliate programs in this private program as there are a lot of things to be discussed!

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