Overcoming Sales Objections for Small Business Networks

Written by Joshua Feinberg

Do you need help overcoming sales objections? Do you sell computer networks, or other IT-related products and services to small businesses? This article provides tips and hints so you can be overcomingrepparttar most common sales objections heard when selling networks to small business prospects, customers, and clients.

The problem generally begins when you start talking about a network upgrade. Aroundrepparttar 136420 time, many small business prospects, customers and clients will dwell on cost.

These small business prospects, customers and clients often neglect to considerrepparttar 136421 soft costs of not properly investing in a network... such as lost employee productivity when imprudent corners are cut, downtime when fault-tolerance is an afterthought, and service costs from computer consultants when difficult-to-support or "dead-end" solutions are selected primarily because of their low price tag.

No matter how thorough your initial consultation, IT audit, site survey and network design reports, some unforeseen client objections may pop up just before you getrepparttar 136422 client's authorization to proceed (generally a signed contract and retainer or deposit check).

Why Overcoming Sales Objections is SO Crucial

Because one relatively minor concern might threaten to derailrepparttar 136423 entire sale, you need to gainrepparttar 136424 critical business development skills for overcoming sales objections, with some ofrepparttar 136425 biggest small business network deal-closing obstacles.

Empowered with these strategies for overcoming sales objections, you'll be much less apt to get emotional, defensive or just plain annoyed. You can then stay focused on keeping your eye onrepparttar 136426 ball and figuring outrepparttar 136427 best way to solverepparttar 136428 prospect's or future client's problems... and of course, closerepparttar 136429 sale. Remember, your company isn't in business to solve prospects' problems; only those of paying clients.

Overcoming Sales Objections: Apathy

I hope you get a good night's sleep before this sales objection rears its ugly head. You need a powerful force to overcome apathy.

If small business decision-makers have an apathetic outlook towardrepparttar 136430 prospect of implementing a network, your decision-makers might take weeks, months, or perhaps even years before feeling a sense of urgency about your proposed network project.

However, once you discoverrepparttar 136431 roots of this apathy, you'll be better able to push (or at least nudge)repparttar 136432 approval process along.

Here’s a typical example you’ll find inrepparttar 136433 field: The small business owner sees no problem with their existing peer-to- peer network. One or two seemingly innocuous foul-ups, however, can causerepparttar 136434 small business owner to seerepparttar 136435 "light".

With a Microsoft Windows peer-to-peer network, for example,repparttar 136436 "server" seems perfectly reliable untilrepparttar 136437 person working onrepparttar 136438 PC functioning asrepparttar 136439 server inadvertently hitsrepparttar 136440 reset button with his or her knee.

If you need to be overcoming more ofrepparttar 136441 common sales objections, you must be very adept and recounting these kinds of cautionary tales withrepparttar 136442 right timing, delivery and empathy.

Using Network Reliability to Overcoming Sales Objections

PC/LAN network reliability can also get called into question whenrepparttar 136443 user ofrepparttar 136444 peer-to-peer server inadvertently performs an unannounced, unscheduled shutdown and restart because a software setup program prompted a reboot.

With peer-to-peer networks, protecting data is usually also an afterthought. Ifrepparttar 136445 peer-to-peer server isn't protected with fault tolerant hard drives, a reliable tape backup drive, a server-class UPS, and updated antivirus software, a peer-to-peer server becomes an accident waiting to happen.

Western Washington's Real Estate Boom

Written by Joe Giles

Since I started my career in selling real estate, there has been plenty of talk about how goodrepparttar market has been lately, second to what we've seen in California of course.

Bothel for example, according to our General Manager at our company-wide meeting in mid April '05, had seen prices increase by 26%. Meanwhile,repparttar 136255 Northwest Multiple Listing Service--the largest MLS in our area reported that from March 2004 to March 2005, prices in Northwest Snohomish County rose more than 17%; Meadian prices rose more than 22%!

Meanwhile there is plenty of talk among agents in this area concerningrepparttar 136256 new outlet mall that is supposed to open on May 5th, 2005, as well as a Six Flags theme park that could be onrepparttar 136257 way right behind it. The expectation is that this will bring more jobs intorepparttar 136258 greater Marysville area and fuel a doubling of Snohomish County's total population by 2025 as many local authorities are predicting.

So given this extraordinary growth rate, how high is too high for a mortgage interest rate? at what point doesrepparttar 136259 cost of money offsetrepparttar 136260 enormous gains that could be made through real estate investments in our area?

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