Overcoming Obstacles On Your Path To Success

Written by Noel Peebles

Every great athlete, businessperson, or great individual had to stretch and reach for his or her goals. They know that obstacles are a part ofrepparttar goal achievement process and so they focus on succeeding rather than on what may be keeping them from succeeding. It means overcoming hardships and setbacks, rather than giving up atrepparttar 123874 first sign of opposition or misfortune. To do this you have got to be willing to take some calculated risks and be prepared to fall down from time to time.

As kids we made mistakes allrepparttar 123875 time, that's how we learnt. However, as adults we have a thing called "pride" and we hate making mistakes. Think of when you first learnt to ride a bike - you fell down, you got up, you fell down, you got up, and you kept getting up until you mastered it. You didn't give up. If one way didn't work you tried another way until you finally gotrepparttar 123876 hang of it.

What's On Your Door, Nuthin'?

Written by Susan James

Someone once asked me: "How come children get what they want and adults don't ?"

I then usually ask, "Well, what's on ‘your' door?"

Lots of children, if they have some form of allowing parents, have pictures of horses on their walls and doors, and pictures of other stuff that they like and want.

If you'd study this a bit....you may find thatrepparttar kids haverepparttar 123873 stuff in their experience that is pasted on their doors and walls. As I write this I have two girlfriends with children who also have horses ! When you go torepparttar 123874 children's bedrooms, guess what's on their walls? Horses!

So, what'srepparttar 123875 catch? Adults think it's childish and messes uprepparttar 123876 walls and stuff. Therefore, Adults are too "big" to paste their dreams on their own walls, because, why? Well, it's childish and messes uprepparttar 123877 walls!

But it gets even more ironic. Many businesses have story or goal boards in their offices. Car Dealers have them. Movie and TV Producer offices have them. Have them, what? Walls that have stuff they want to happen, pasted up there!

We allow children to paste stuff up on our doors and walls, and successful businesses have their desires, goals and intentions pasted up on their walls and doors, but what aboutrepparttar 123878 rest of us?

What aboutrepparttar 123879 rest of real life? What do our families want? What do we as individuals want for our lives and lifestyles.

Are we just supposed to help our employers reach their business goals and desires, of which we may or may not receive direct benefit from?

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