Outsourcing - Can you benefit?

Written by Scott 'Gears'

Can your business benefit?

Depending onrepparttar project, outsourcing can sometimes be a very cost-effective business decision. Sure, we can all accomplish some of it in-house, but can we do it all, and do it well?

Would it surprise you to know that Compaq Computer™ outsources? How about Underwriters Laboratories™? Gateway Computers™? Yes, evenrepparttar 118864 Chicagoland Area Chamber of Commerce™! I have been involved with projects involving each one of these companies. They all outsourced specific portions of their projects. Even Hyperformance Media out-sources specific project requirements! Every business does not know every other business.

What I mean is, your business can not know everything there is to know about printing (for example). Therefore, in certain situations, it would benefit your company to outsource this service to some printing specialists. It could save you time, money, and benefits, leaving your employees their time to continue to do what they do best, their job - with minimum productivity loss!

In this simple example you can begin to seerepparttar 118865 many benefits. * You have professionals creatingrepparttar 118866 desired product.

* They will do a better job in less time.

* No need to buy additional equipment or software.

* No set-up, no training, no lost time.

* No payroll, benefits, or accounting headaches.

URL Where

Written by Scott Gears

Your URL (www) should be everywhere and more. I know many of you are going to think this is common sense, but how many of these are you using? Your web address should be on every piece of anything your business does, period.

Your customers can come from anywhere, at anytime.  Yep, repparttar airport at 3:32 a.m., or how aboutrepparttar 118863 car behind you?

Below is a list of some ofrepparttar 118864 obvious andrepparttar 118865 not so obvious places you should be advertising your website. Some of them cost you nothing, most of them cost you very little. Do you want more customers than your competitors? Then put yourself 'out there' - more than your competition! You'll be surprised at how much traffic you can directly generate.

Hopefully you are using all of this first set...

* Invoices - Make sure, or get it on your next re-order.

* Statements - Another one, get it printed!

* Business Cards - Every card should haverepparttar 118866 website address and appropriate e-mail address. Letterhead - Right after your address should be your web address.

* Envelopes - This all goes to Branding effectively and getting people to your site.

* Company Vehicles - Often overlooked, but I thought I would add it here... don't forget these!

* Corrugate Products - Each and every package or product you ship should have your web address either stamped on it (cheap) or printed onrepparttar 118867 next run.

* Everything you publish with your company name should also carry your URL. Your Holiday cards for example...

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