Out with the Old

Written by Rinatta Paries

Think back to a situation where you felt resentful. Or think back torepparttar last time your heart was broken. The next time you encounter a similar situation, will you be free to choose how you act, or will you instead automatically attempt to protect yourself? If you are like most people,repparttar 102050 latter is true. And why wouldn't you protect yourself if you see hurt coming, right?

Focusing your attention on self-protection prevents you from being fully present. You may miss opportunities to changerepparttar 102051 outcome ofrepparttar 102052 situation, to play it differently, to see how it IS different. You may miss opportunities to truly connect with someone.

That's why letting go of your past - or "getting complete" - is vitally important. If you do not get complete, you will carry old pain into present and future relationships. If you do not get complete, you may perceive any situation, similar torepparttar 102053 ones in which you were hurt, as more ofrepparttar 102054 same. This will make most relationships difficult, and may even prevent them from forming at all.

Being complete with your past has two key benefits. First, when faced with a situation that causes you pain or resentment, you become free to choose your actions rather than reacting from fear of pain. Secondly, you no longer have an emotional reaction when looking back onrepparttar 102055 hurtful situations.

Can you see why it is vital that you become complete with your past if you are to build your ideal relationship?

Here are ten suggestions for getting complete with any past hurt or resentment. Try working on a few situations at a time until you find you are complete with them.

1. Write letters. Write letters torepparttar 102056 person who made you feel resentful or hurt. Freely say everything you want to say. Write as many letters as necessary to feel complete, but do not send them. Instead, do something with them that helps you feel you are getting rid ofrepparttar 102057 painful feelings. Flushrepparttar 102058 letters downrepparttar 102059 toilet, burn them, bury them, etc.

2. Tell your story. Tell your story over and over to a trusted friend or advisor. Make surerepparttar 102060 person listening gives no advice and makes no comments to dispute your feelings, but instead allows you to talk and listens attentively.

3. Talk torepparttar 102061 right person. Talk torepparttar 102062 person with whom you feel incomplete. Do this only if you are sure this person will be able to listen to you inrepparttar 102063 same way as described in #2. Make sure not to blame or be rude, but talk about your feelings andrepparttar 102064 consequences in your life. If you haverepparttar 102065 opportunity, have as many conversations as you need to get complete.

4. Imagine. Imagine yourself inrepparttar 102066 same room asrepparttar 102067 person with whom you haverepparttar 102068 incompletion. Imagine them attentively listening to you while you say everything you need to say. Repeat this process many times until you are done.

5. Role-Play. Ask a trusted friend to role-playrepparttar 102069 hurtful situation with you. Have them berepparttar 102070 other person and reenactrepparttar 102071 situation. Respond how you wish you had responded. Repeatrepparttar 102072 role-play, but this time, haverepparttar 102073 other person act in a way that would have avoided causing you pain. Repeatrepparttar 102074 process over time until you feel complete.

Is your first impression HELLO?

Written by Chris Bradford and Brande McCree

We only get one chance to make a first impression. This is very important when soliciting new distributors. We need to have potential distributors perceive us asrepparttar professionals in our industry.

Knowingrepparttar 102049 first impression we make is a lasting one, why do we insist on answering our phone simply by saying "HELLO?" Most of us just don't think about it. Let's look at a couple alternatives.

If you are an individual, you might choose to answerrepparttar 102050 phone like this:

"Hello. This is Chris Bradford. Thank you for calling. How may I help you today?"

Or, if you are a corporation or other business entity, you might choose to answerrepparttar 102051 phone in this manner:

"Thank you for calling Brande's Dream Team. This is Chris Bradford. How may I help you today?"

With either of these methods, you will be making a truly professional first impression.

What about your answering machine? Does it simply take messages, or do you also use it as a promotional tool? Whoever is calling you wants to speak to you. They will probably leave a message. So you have their attention, for about one minute. If your message is any longer than one minute, they are more likely to hang up on you.

Let's look at a simple sample script.

"Thank you for calling. This is Chris Bradford, distributor of wonderful products and promoter of an exceptional business opportunity. I regret I am unavailable to take your call atrepparttar 102052 moment. However, Your call is very important to me. Atrepparttar 102053 sound ofrepparttar 102054 tone, please leave me as detailed of a message as possible, and I will return your call within 24 hours."

In this message you accomplished several important things.

1. You thanked them for calling you.

2. You gave them a brief introduction as to what you do.

3. You expressed regret for not taking their call.

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