Written by June McHardy

Out of a Job? APPLY TO THE UNIVERSE! (2001 June McHardy

You're fired... You're laid off... The business is closed...

Oh Lord, what am I going to do now? How will I payrepparttar rent? feed my family? payrepparttar 123974 bills?

The most frightening thing of all isrepparttar 123975 fear ofrepparttar 123976 unknown. And whenrepparttar 123977 unknown includes something as basic as your own survival and that of your loved ones, your panic kicks into overdrive. Your reactions are automatic. You're intorepparttar 123978 'Fight or Flight Syndrome' and your ability to think clearly is severely compromised. You start worrying incessantly. How will I survive? . . What if I loserepparttar 123979 house? . . Could I have done anything differently? . . Should I have left earlier? . .

STOP!! ... The above scenario is so very familiar - and so very self-defeating! What you're doing is looking back atrepparttar 123980 past (which you no longer can do anything about) and worrying aboutrepparttar 123981 future ( - and most ofrepparttar 123982 thing you worry about, according to statistics, will likely never happen). What you need to do is change your thinking!

Here is a strategy which will ALWAYS work!

First, you must stop worrying. Worrying is always counter-productive. The more you think about somethingrepparttar 123983 more you bring it about in your life. "Thoughts are things and they come to passrepparttar 123984 world is but your looking glass"

Be a Master of your own Destiny

Written by June McHardy

Be a Master of your own Destiny (2001 June McHardy

It is now a proven fact that this universe operates within a perfect system of natural laws. One ofrepparttar most universally recognized of these laws isrepparttar 123973 Law of Gravity. According torepparttar 123974 law of gravity, we all know that if you walked offrepparttar 123975 roof of a 12 story building anywhere inrepparttar 123976 world, you'd go "splat" onrepparttar 123977 sidewalk, whether you understood this law or whether you believed in it. The law would prevail.

Similarly, there are many other natural laws operating in our marvelous universe, one of which isrepparttar 123978 "Law of Positive Expectancy". In other words, whatever you think about allrepparttar 123979 time, with emotion, MUST be brought about in your outer world.

For example, when you get a great idea, and dwell on it, plan it and get excited about it, you activaterepparttar 123980 universal forces which will draw in opportunities, people and resources to help you achieve your goal. Howeverrepparttar 123981 opposite is also true. When you start having fear or worry thoughts and dwell on them and visualizerepparttar 123982 worst possible outcome you are usingrepparttar 123983 same universal forces to bring about exactly what you fear because what you think about expands and becomes your reality.

Therefore you owe it to yourself to always monitor your thoughts. Become a "mind policeman". Whenever you start thinking fear or worry thoughts, STOP!! Ask yourself these questions: How can I improve this? . . What can I learn from this? . . Is there an opportunity here?.

As soon as you change your negative self-talk into positive, you change your vibrations and you change what you are drawing into your life . . because THAT IS THE LAW!

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