Otitis Media (ear infection)

Written by Joe Miller

In simple terms, otitis media is an ear infection. It is inflammation ofrepparttar inner ear, often caused by moisture which gets collected inrepparttar 138014 ear or by minor injury torepparttar 138015 ear canal. The moisture often collects after swimming or bathing. Often allergies cause liquid to build up inrepparttar 138016 ear. Injuries often occur with hard impact with water or careless or intense use of cotton swabs. Discomfort, bacterial growth, or infection generally results.

Behindrepparttar 138017 eardrums is locatedrepparttar 138018 section ofrepparttar 138019 ear calledrepparttar 138020 middle ear, which houses a complex arrangement of tiny bones sensitive to sound waves. When sound waves pass overrepparttar 138021 middle ear, it transmitsrepparttar 138022 sound torepparttar 138023 inner ear. Nearby,repparttar 138024 Eustachian tube connectsrepparttar 138025 ear torepparttar 138026 nose.

Otitis media may result from foreign matter breathed in throughrepparttar 138027 nose, which irritatesrepparttar 138028 Eustachian tube torepparttar 138029 point of swelling and liquid fromrepparttar 138030 ears can no longer drain throughrepparttar 138031 nose and intorepparttar 138032 throat. In children,repparttar 138033 Eustachian tube is shorter and less slanted, allowing bacteria to more easily arrive inrepparttar 138034 middle ear.

In trying to identify otitis media, it is helpful to be aware ofrepparttar 138035 following symptoms:

Pus or fluid inrepparttar 138036 Eustachian tube or inrepparttar 138037 ear

Sensation of fullness inrepparttar 138038 ear

Pain inrepparttar 138039 ear

Inflammation inrepparttar 138040 ear


Hearing loss


The Truth about Tooth Decay or Dental Caries

Written by Joe Miller

Tooth decay, or dental caries, is caused by prolonged exposure to acids produced by bacteria inrepparttar mouth. We cannot avoid bacteria inrepparttar 138013 air. When we breathe it entersrepparttar 138014 mouth and attaches itself to everything, includingrepparttar 138015 teeth. In fact, there are more microcosms in one mouth than there are people onrepparttar 138016 earth.

Sugar isrepparttar 138017 main culprit in tooth decay, because that is whatrepparttar 138018 bacteria eat. Bacteria then produce acids as a byproduct. Those acids eat atrepparttar 138019 enamel of our teeth, until hole or cavity inrepparttar 138020 tooth appears.

Our story begins inrepparttar 138021 17th century, when sugar plantations developed inrepparttar 138022 “new world.” Until then food was produced and prepared with much less added sugar. Thenrepparttar 138023 18th century saw sugar beets being harvested in England. Now, virtually everything we consume, from cereal inrepparttar 138024 morning to steak and eggs at night contains extra sugar. Bacteria on our teeth count themselves lucky to live inrepparttar 138025 21st century, where there is an almost unlimited supply of free food for them to thrive on.

We are in cahoots with sugar and bacteria when we do not brush and clean our teeth. Leavingrepparttar 138026 bacteria to feed upon sugar and produce acids in our mouths allowsrepparttar 138027 bacteria time to form a visibly organized colony betweenrepparttar 138028 gums andrepparttar 138029 tooth that we call plaque. Plaque actually acts as a cover forrepparttar 138030 acids that sit onrepparttar 138031 surface of our enamel. Without cleaning, acids will eat at out enamel almost at will, creating tooth decay and dental caries.

Decay is demineralization. In other words,repparttar 138032 outer tissue ofrepparttar 138033 tooth is so hard because it is 95% mineral. The inner tissue ofrepparttar 138034 tooth, dentin, is a little softer because it is only 66% mineral. Normally, saliva is a natural remineralizer when acids have begun demineralizing, but when plaque is involved saliva is almost powerless to repairrepparttar 138035 damage. Acids will begin with a little hole inrepparttar 138036 enamel, and once it makes it through torepparttar 138037 dentin, it eatsrepparttar 138038 tooth tissue fromrepparttar 138039 inside out. This means serious dental action: fillings, or even a root canal.

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