Other People's Opinions

Written by Charlotte Burton

Other People's Opinions

In a society where interaction is part of everyday life, and other people form a vital part of life, other people's opinions are actually important in where we fit into society. However, we often think we know what other people are thinking and base our actions around those 'apparent' opinions.

Yet how do we actually know whether our assumptions about other people's opinions are true or not? Frankly, we don't. This is whererepparttar Fundamental Attribution Error comes in. To put it into plain Engligh, it means that we make a basic error in assuming other people's thoughts without checking or otherwise knowing whether we are right or not in that assumption.

We base these assumptions on our schema ofrepparttar 138530 world (another Psychology term which means a system of beliefs we have about howrepparttar 138531 world works from how to order food in a restaurant to how we 'should' live our lives). These schema are made up from our experiences inrepparttar 138532 world, with some schema being made up from other people's schema which we have picked up alongrepparttar 138533 way: such as our parents' and friends' schemas.

Now mostly, these errors are fairly harmless: it is when we start living our lives entirely around what we think other people are thinking that it can become 'dangerous'. Many people fall intorepparttar 138534 trap of becoming practically obsessive about what other people are thinking of how we behave that everything that we do becomes subject to what we think other people are thinking.

No other choice

Written by Kenia Morales

Many know that using time efficiently or makingrepparttar best use of time will help achieve their goals and some more. But, what happens when incontrollable circumstances such as emotional stress, loss of job, health problems etc. get on your way interrupting your plans? What should you do or how should you handle it?

During inconvenient circumstances you should just let go. At least temporarily until life gets back on track. Of course, do not start letting go overrepparttar 138506 silliest or smallest situations. For example I feel tire today so I am not going to work because Kenia’s advice was to practice letting go.

You may be asking: So, when exactly should I practice letting go? Before I confuse you let me give you an example from my personal life; I am currently taking college classes and days before my final paper my two daughters got sick withrepparttar 138507 stomach flu. For those that are not familiar withrepparttar 138508 stomach flu it means that they spent a little over 24 hours vomiting and with diarrhea.

What did I do? Beingrepparttar 138509 goal getter that I am; I still found my self trying to writerepparttar 138510 paper in order to turn it in on time. I managed to write a little bit but not much. Every time I use to write a line or two they would interrupt me crying, vomiting etc. This situation was driving me crazy. In one hand I had a final paper ofrepparttar 138511 class that I have been working so hard on for a full semester and onrepparttar 138512 other hand my two little girls were sick. Both situations were extremely important to me. But, like most mothers when I had to let go off one ofrepparttar 138513 activities I chose to take care of my kids.

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