Osama Swings Election

Written by Ed Howes

With allrepparttar noise about undecided U.S. voters throughrepparttar 125901 Summer of 04, it is safe to assume more than two per cent were undecided a few weeks beforerepparttar 125902 election. Amongrepparttar 125903 decideds, an equal or greater number would have swung their votes atrepparttar 125904 drop of a hat. Osama came on TV and told them not to support George Bush. So they went torepparttar 125905 polls and proved their patriotism, by doing exactly what Osama expected them to do. So why did Osama want this president reelected?

Fact is,repparttar 125906 War on Terror isrepparttar 125907 best thing that ever happened for Osama, Pakistan and George Bush, who share many secret agreements between them. This has beenrepparttar 125908 case since November, 2001, when Pakistan, George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and Tommy Franks agreed to airlift as many as 4000 members of Al Qaeda fromrepparttar 125909 city of Konduz, Afghanistan; to safety in Pakistan. Another 4000 members of Al Qaeda were allowed to head forrepparttar 125910 border onrepparttar 125911 ground. Where are they now? Spain? France? Germany? Holland? England? Canada? Mexico? Iraq? Who cares?

This betrayal, this High Treason, was reported onrepparttar 125912 PBS news magazine, Now with Bill Moyers, Friday, 21 February, 2003 and should have reached over two million viewers. The war drums were beating loudly forrepparttar 125913 invasion of Iraq, sorepparttar 125914 fact is Americaís Commander-in-Chief has betrayed not onlyrepparttar 125915 American people andrepparttar 125916 armed forces, but a suffering world unable to resolve conflict without violence. This provesrepparttar 125917 entire War on Terror a huge fraud to increaserepparttar 125918 size, cost and power of national governments aroundrepparttar 125919 globe. This is of no concern to anyone I know of. Who is there to say no thanks?

If you belong torepparttar 125920 Republican Party, you can now get away with murder, whetherrepparttar 125921 victims are innocent Iraqi people, U.S. military forces, or foreign captives. Isnít that exciting - intoxicating? Isnít war grand? Doesnít it make you proud to vote? Can you guess who will payrepparttar 125922 price of these crimes, done inrepparttar 125923 name of American security, freedom and democracy?

No single person in all Islam has done more to recruit and inflame terrorists than George W. Bush overrepparttar 125924 past three years. And where has Osama been hidingrepparttar 125925 past three years, if not in Pakistan? So why would Osama want anyone other than George Bush asrepparttar 125926 President ofrepparttar 125927 United States? To save most precious American lives? Sure, thatís what he says in his videos, but donít believe him for a minute. It would be unpatriotic to believe an enemy, wouldnít it? Of course it would. It doesnít matter if your enemy speaks any truth, it is your duty to ignore him or call him a liar. Good boy! Good girl!


Written by Ed Howes

There are few people in this world unaware of cycles. Few escape childhood without observingrepparttar cycles of seasons, birth and death, day and night, full moons and new moons, ocean tides. Birthday anniversaries and weekly cycles of seven days. If we suspect that all we know is cyclical and cycles overlap, we suspect rightly. Welcome back torepparttar 125900 1960s. Welcome back torepparttar 125901 dawning ofrepparttar 125902 Age of Aquarius.

ďHarmony and understanding, sympathy and peace aboundingĒ. A war supported by all involved inrepparttar 125903 U.S. and quietly opposed by halfrepparttar 125904 people who are paying for it; people who will likely grow more vocal inrepparttar 125905 coming months and years. People, who will be telling us to tune out, turn off and drop out. Reformingrepparttar 125906 wicked is no viable option and their systems will not be reformed from within.

Fundamentalists of every faith pray and work forrepparttar 125907 fall ofrepparttar 125908 wicked and their symbols of material power. They are united in this effort though they identify one another as enemies. Christian fundamentalists despiserepparttar 125909 Muslim fundamentalists who attack their common enemies. The Christian fundamentalists, who would tell us of their righteousness, supportrepparttar 125910 wicked in their tithes and offerings, support corporate media, corporate government, corporate churches, corporate schools and corporate markets. They gloat over recent political successes and grow exceedingly arrogant in them.

They will not prevail for much longer, as a progressive backlash among thinking people is gaining momentum. This presidential election is their last hurrah forrepparttar 125911 regressives. The people have begun tuning them out and dismissing their power as a historical fluke. What is conservatism butrepparttar 125912 fearful holding on to that which only servesrepparttar 125913 wicked? What is conservatism butrepparttar 125914 fear of change they can postpone but cannot prevent? By definition, conservatives fearrepparttar 125915 fall ofrepparttar 125916 wicked andrepparttar 125917 power ofrepparttar 125918 simple,repparttar 125919 power ofrepparttar 125920 ordinary,repparttar 125921 power of love. They have no place inrepparttar 125922 new age of science and brotherhood. They are but self defeating obstacles to righteousness and progress. That is why they do not speak of progressives, but liberals. They loverepparttar 125923 Orwellian double speak with which they slander and ridicule their opponents. They love double speak because they are double minded and unstable in all their ways. Whenrepparttar 125924 sleeping masses wake, as they did not when Adolph Hitler rose to power,repparttar 125925 conservatives will be a historical footnote ofrepparttar 125926 end time struggle to usher inrepparttar 125927 Kingdom Age.

The nearly impotent Democratic Party allowed and assistedrepparttar 125928 Republicans to define them in 2004. They missed every opportunity to respond in kind throughoutrepparttar 125929 presidential campaign. If liberal isrepparttar 125930 derogatory label for progressive, why isnít regressiverepparttar 125931 derogatory label for conservative? The leadership and membership ofrepparttar 125932 U.S. corporate political parties all have their heads whererepparttar 125933 sun does not shine. Inrepparttar 125934 darkness ofrepparttar 125935 valley ofrepparttar 125936 shadow of death, they fearrepparttar 125937 evil they create and rightly so.

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