Orthodox cancer treatment

Written by Simon Mitchell

Diagnosis is a strength of Western scientific medicine because of its dependence on analytical procedures and processes of elimination. Modern technology has given us many ways to see intorepparttar body for effective diagnosis of dis-ease. Nowhere is scientific Western medicine so advanced than inrepparttar 147228 fields of diagnosis. Althoughrepparttar 147229 philosophy of Western medicine often comes in for criticism, modern science has produced many ways in which we can examine and image organisms internally and take samples of tissue in hard to reach places.

1. Diagnosis A qualified doctor should always berepparttar 147230 first point of contact for serious disease as they have a good chance of getting you a correct diagnosis. Self-diagnosis is not a good idea except for very minor ailments. If you can, always get a second opinion on any diagnosis. Inrepparttar 147231 UK you are urged to start orthodox cancer treatments within a month of diagnosis.

Diagnosis for cancer uses careful clinical assessment and advanced investigative techniques such as:

endoscopy: an endoscope is a tube-like viewing instrument with lenses and lights or video cameras that is inserted into a body orifice for investigating and treating disorders. If gives doctorsrepparttar 147232 ability to see insiderepparttar 147233 body and even remove small pieces of tissue for examination (biopsy).

imaging: This process allows doctors to produce images of structures withinrepparttar 147234 body that are otherwise difficult to see. For example short-wave, electromagnetic waves such as X-rays are passed throughrepparttar 147235 body. Some are absorbed and others pass throughrepparttar 147236 tissues to produce a shadow image that is projected onto a film or screen. In x-ray imagesrepparttar 147237 bones show up clearly, making it an excellent tool for seeing problems associated with bones or hard objects withinrepparttar 147238 body.

Inrepparttar 147239 1920's radiologists discovered that certain substances are opaque to radiation and they began to use them as 'contrast media'. When these media are introduced intorepparttar 147240 body they create an outline shape ofrepparttar 147241 cavities they fill, which helps to identify problem areas.

Ultrasound scanning projects high-frequency sound waves throughrepparttar 147242 body, using a transducer againstrepparttar 147243 skin. The waves are reflected back andrepparttar 147244 pattern of echoes produces an image. Computers are used to create better images. C.T. scanning (Computed Tomography) takes x-rays from different angles and usesrepparttar 147245 computer to create cross sections or three-dimensional images.

Natures cold remedies in your kitchen

Written by Simon Mitchell

Duringrepparttar winter it can be hard to escape that shivery feeling that happens when you get too cold. A good immediate remedy for this is to wrap yourself up in a douvet and stick a hairdryer up it, (making surerepparttar 147227 air flow is not restricted) until you feel warmed up.

Colds arerepparttar 147228 body's escape mechanism. Whenrepparttar 147229 whole system is overloaded it crashes. The body stresses out andrepparttar 147230 immune system drops its threshold. The nose releases toxic wastes inrepparttar 147231 form of mucous andrepparttar 147232 body often aches and feels exhausted. Pay attention to what your body is saying because an unchecked cold can become far more serious if you keep it buried.

If you are one of those people who can tell when you have a cold coming on, then it can be stopped, or at least minimised, in several ways. Firstly, rest is essential. There is no way your body will self-heal in a stressful situation. If you have to work, take it easy or delegate a bit more. Lemon juice, rose hips, parsley (not if you're pregnant) and fresh orange all contain vitamin C, so take them.

Some colds can actually be completely stopped

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