Origins Of The War

Written by The Indy Voice

It has beenrepparttar case that throughout history many people have attempted to revise history to suitrepparttar 125880 needs of their time. In an unprecedented way, many people in power today are trying to revise contemporary history and they seem to be getting away with it (at least 61,000,000 people are buying it). The Indy Voice wanted to re-revise history to represent reality (wow, what a concept).

Many have said that George W. Bush's idea for war with Iraq came only after 9/11 and was only for national security reasons. The reality is that many withinrepparttar 125881 administration were pushing for a military strike against Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein from power going back to 1998. In fact, on January 26, 1998repparttar 125882 members of "The Project forrepparttar 125883 New American Century" (PNAC) sent a letter to then President Bill Clinton outlining their reasons for removing Hussein from Iraq. Their reasons DID NOT include an imminent threat. Actuallyrepparttar 125884 language they used was "we MAY soon face a threat".

The present day positions of these PNAC members includerepparttar 125885 National Security Council, Deputy Secretary of State, George W. Bush’s speechwriter, Under Secretary of Arms Control and International Security, Under Secretary of Global Affairs, counsellor to United States Secretary of Defense, Advisory Board ofrepparttar 125886 Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs and former chairman ofrepparttar 125887 Defense Policy Board, Assistant Secretary for International Security Affairs inrepparttar 125888 Department of Defense, Chairman ofrepparttar 125889 Defense Science Board, Ambassador and member ofrepparttar 125890 Council on Foreign Relations,repparttar 125891 Deputy Secretary of Defense, andrepparttar 125892 Secretary of Defense. They let President Clinton know that they believed that "it is difficult if not impossible to monitor Iraq’s chemical and biological weapons production" and "inrepparttar 125893 not-too-distant future we will be unable to determine with any reasonable level of confidence whether Iraq does or does not possess such weapons." How then was this administration so certain that Iraq possessed WMD in 2002?

As forrepparttar 125894 threat posed by Iraq onrepparttar 125895 mainland they mentioned nothing. They believed that Iraq possessing WMD would have a "seriously destabilizing effect onrepparttar 125896 entire Middle East." And "if Saddam DOES acquirerepparttar 125897 capability to deliver weapons of mass destruction" he will threaten "the safety of American troops inrepparttar 125898 region, [sic] our friends and allies like ISRAEL andrepparttar 125899 moderate Arab states" (like Saudi Arabia?) And they stated another reason why they were concerned. They were worried that Hussein would put at risk "a significant portion ofrepparttar 125900 world’s supply of oil." Interesting?!

Who will be an American hero

Written by T,D Roberts

The George W. Bush Regime is on its way to spread American Imperialism acrossrepparttar globe.

In his task, he has slaughtered over 100 000 Iraqi citizens including men, women and children.

In his eyes, only christians go to heaven. Much like Hitler believed Jews don't go to heaven so are worth killing

Ego maniacs are more dangerous thanrepparttar 125879 men who flewrepparttar 125880 planes intorepparttar 125881 twin towers.

George Bush has a goal, destroyrepparttar 125882 foundation ofrepparttar 125883 muslim world and convert Muslims into Christians, Those who refuse, are ordered to die or be tortured

Like Hitler, George Bush is hell bent on taking overrepparttar 125884 world. He will imprisonrepparttar 125885 Iraq resistance and torture and kill them, much like Hitler. The oil is their true salvation andrepparttar 125886 Iraqi who dies trying to stop them from stealingrepparttar 125887 oil are heros

What great American out there, will stop this fascist agenda. Who will stop George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, and Paul Wolfowitz.

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